Carowinds Debuts Carolina Harbor!


This Wednesday was the media preview event for Carowinds’s newly renovated water park, Carolina Harbor. They went through extensive overhaul, changing the water park from Boomerang Bay to Carolina Harbor. Lana and Dustin attended the event on behalf of us. Thanks to them for all the photos.

None of the attractions were running, but we were able to get photos.


Here is the separate entrance for those wishing to directly enter the water park. Now, the park will have 3 entrances: the North Gate (right by Fury 325), the South Gate (by Afterburn), and now the one for Carolina Harbor. It’s going to be great for all patrons of Carowinds.


One of the major things the park added is Blackbeard’s Revenge, a 6 slide tower featuring 3 drop capsules and 3 tube slides. It’s the same slide complex the other Cedar Fair parks installed. It looks GREAT!


Here’s a close up of Blackbeard’s Revenge. The different colors look great!


A giant pile of slides!


Another look at Blakcbeard’s Revenge. It looks really colorful!


Here’s a close up of the ending pool for Blackbeard’s Revenge.

Here’s a POV of Pirate’s Plank, the yellow/amber brown drop capsule slide:


Here’s a sign talking about Blackbeard’s Revenge and what it means to the Carolinas.



The second major addition was Surf Club Harbor, a much more extreme wave pool. The park lost the original wave pool built in 1982, so they built a new one to make up for things!


The park did a great job making the pump house look like a real, legit house! Great job Carowinds!


There’s PLENTY of lounge chairs for those wanting to chill.



Another new thing the park got it Seaside Splashworks, a giant splash water play area. It replaced the park’s original wave pool built in 1982. It looks great and colorful!


Another shot of Seaside Splashworks. The park also added lounge chairs with shade over them, which is a nice thing.


The park’s other play structure got rethemed to Pirate’s Landing. It’s great to see that the park now has 2 play structures that everyone will love.

IMG_0968 IMG_1019 IMG_1018

Here’s Myrtle Turlte Beach, another rethemed play area at Carolina Harbor.

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0975

Here’s Kiddy Hawk Cove. Comparing the existing water play structures, Seaside Splashworks is definitely going to help out with the huge crowds Carowinds will get because of these great new additions the park keeps getting!


The existing bathhouse and restrooms got redone.


Pineline Peak become Storm Surge. All the existing slides got a fresh, gel coat of paint.


All the buildings in Carolina Harbor got a badly needed fresh coat of paint.


The bathhouses by Tidal Wave Bay, the park’s now older wave pool (by 8 years) got redone as well.


Down Under Thunder became Hurricane Falls with some green paint. The lazy river is now Coastal Currents.


Awesome Twisters beccame Barracuda Blasters.


The 2 slides the park installed in 2014, Dorsal Fin Drop (the wall slide) and Surfer’s Swell (the bowl slides) were the only things that did not get rethemed at all. One has to wonder if the park knew these plans pretty well back in 2013/2014 and knew to install these slides the way they are without any future name changes.

IMG_0992 IMG_0989

The park also had some entertainment as well.

IMG_1003 IMG_1002

Even the picnic shelters got rethemed.

IMG_1006 IMG_1007

Here’s a look at Harbor House, their new restaurant. We don’t know what the inside really looks like, but the outside looks great.

IMG_1046 IMG_1041 IMG_1042 IMG_1005

Anyone that goes to Carowinds knows that on top of Fury 325, the park also has another thing to brag on- their food. The food in Carolina Harbor will be DEE-LICIOUS! Lana and Dustin told me the food that was served was super good as always!


There was also an opening ceremony held. We tried to get video via Facebook live, but the signal at Carowinds was bad. Here’s video of it from Coaster Crew:

Here’s some video from the park showing off how beautiful Carolina Harbor is:

Thanks to Laresa Thompson, the park’s public relations manager, John Taylor, the park’s marketing director, Brad Marcy, VP/General Manager of Carowinds, and the rest of the crew at Carowinds for another great media event!

We can’t wait to hear more details about the vintage flat rides the park is getting in 2017 this fall!

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