Six Flags New England Debuts Fireball!


Thursday, May 19th, was the media event for Six Flags New England’s latest looping thrill ride- Fireball. This is a Larson Super Loop where riders will go forwards and backwards and experience some hang time in a giant “loop.”

Thanks to DJ for going for us and for all the great photos.

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Fireball is in the park’s Rockville section. It replaces Twister, the park’s HUSS Top Spin that was in this spot from 1997-2013. This spot remained closed off to guests through the 2013-2015 seasons, and is now very vibrant and adds some much needed life to this section of the park.

The event started off with an opening ceremony, hence where there’s a stage and balloons in the photos in this post. Here’s video of the opening ceremony:


Here’s the entrance for Fireball. There are 3 lines: Flash Pass (the very left), General Riders (the middle line), and a Single Rider Line (to the very right.)

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Here’s a 1957 Chevy Fireball right outside Fireball’s entrance.


One of the really nice things Six Flags New England did was make the ride’s giant base piece go in the basin of the old Twister area so guests that look at the ride from the outside won’t notice (like this shot:)


This is definitely a huge step up from the other Six Flags parks, where some have their bases fully exposed so all patrons can see it and give it a “carnival” style feel to it.

Photo: Six Flags America

Photo: Six Flags America

Here’s Bourbon Street Fireball at Six Flags America, a Larson Super Loop installed in 2015. It is quite obovious that you can see the base piece in this photo, and doesn’t make the ride look that great.

Kudos to Six Flags New England for spending the extra time and effort to make Fireball look like a permanent, legit ride at an amusement park.


Here’s a nerd shot of the base pieces. You enter Fireball a couple feet ahead.


Another nice thing about the 2016 crop of Larson Super Loops that went into Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Great Escape, Six Flags New England and Six Flags St. Louis is that they all got hot rod themed trains.


You get some epic hang time on Fireball.

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Fireball looks so nice, especially with the trains in the background. It really pluses this ride more. Also, there’s another 1957 Chevy Fireball behind the actual ride itself (it’s in the very far back).

As for the ride experience, it is an absolutely great “tweener”ride. It really offers something new at Six Flags New England, and the views from the top are great and unique. If you ask the ride operator politely, you could get a ton of hang time during your cycle. The amount of times you are upside down can vary. Fireball is a tad bit more intense than the tradition Ring of Fire rides you’ll find at the carnival.

Here’s a video of DJ riding Fireball:

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The Filling Station next to Fireball debuted with the addition of Fireball. It has something really dee-licious….

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The Conewich! The Conewich is an edible bagel cone that can be filled with a variety of delicious options including brisket, pork and macaroni and cheese. It is absolutely delicious and it is on the dining plan!

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The park is hosting a Car Expo on May 21 & May 22. Dozens of classic cars will be on display including ‘58 Caddy, ‘57 Corvette Convertible, ‘64 Corvette or a ‘51 Pontiac. The event is free with park admission and will run from 12:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Event goers will not want to miss out on the original DeLorean featured in the 1985 classic film “Back to the Future” at the Six Flags New England Car Expo. The park will have an exclusive display of the DeLorean, official “Back to the Future” memorabilia and VW Bus from the iconic movie.

CoasterForce has a great interview with Six Flags New England park president discussing about Fireball,the transformation of Bizarro into Superman, and the VR option on Superman debuting on June 11th.

 Thanks to Jen McGrath, the park’s communication manager, John Winkler, Six Flags New England park president, and the rest of the crew at Six Flags New England for another great media event. We’ll be back in June for Superman’s VR media day.

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