SeaWorld Orlando: Mako Update 5/22/16

Hi Coaster Chit Chat! James H here, and this weekend we visited SeaWorld Orlando for the first time this year! 20160522_132537

SeaWorld Orlando is such a beautiful park, with many unique attractions for all ages. Among these unique attractions, one has certainly risen far above the rest! That would be the freshly installed B&M hyper roller coaster, Mako! Standing 200 feet tall, reaching speeds of 73 miles an hour, and covering nearly a mile of track, SeaWorld is heavily marketing Mako as Orlando’s fastest, tallest, and longest roller coaster being inspired by the Mako shark itself.


As you can see, construction walls are still up as SeaWorld is working hard putting the finishing cosmetic touches on the ride and surrounding areas. Testing is well underway and we have reports that Mako has already seen it’s first human prey!


Everything looks like it is starting to fall into place as SeaWorld prepares for a June 10th opening of the ride, and the approaching busy summer season.


We first arrived at the park at 9 AM Sunday to make sure we got a spot for the 10 AM opening of the line to sign up for a Mako “preview event” to be held on June 8th for the first 500 annual pass members to sign up (which was held on both Saturday and Sunday)


Luckily we were among the first 50 people to get our “preview event” tickets at the new pass member’s lounge, located on the right end of the Terrace BBQ restaurant (the old brew house from when Budweiser owned SeaWorld). It was nowhere near as busy as it was Saturday; we showed up at 10 AM Saturday and were denied a ticket to the preview because the 500 people maximum had been met.

I was blown away by the new lounge, as SeaWorld provided free soft drinks via a Coke-a-Cola Freestyle machine and snacks, as well as an exclusive food menu, free cell phone charging “lockers,” and PLENTY of open seating. They even offer exclusive animal interactions on the deck outside as they cycle trainers and their respected animals such as chameleons, sloths, eagles, and others randomly throughout the day. The lounge also has a service desk where you can buy annual pass member exclusive merchandise and get information regarding all of the many pass member perks. It is obvious SeaWorld is extremely appreciative of their annual pass members and loyal supporters.


After we received our preview tickets and enjoyed the refreshments of the lounge, we were on our way to the front of the park to catch a ride on Manta when we saw that Guy Harvey himself will be painting the wall of Mako’s line queue building live starting tomorrow. That sure would be unique to watch as a piece of history will be made right in front of you that will remain for years. If you are in the area, I highly suggest getting out to SeaWorld if you can to check it out yoursef!


Today we saw workers prepping the wall for the live painting tomorrow. As you can see in the photo above, there looks to be a surveillance camera focused on the wall… possibly SeaWorld will be broadcasting it live? Either way I will keep you all updated on the progress of this painting!


Manta is always a wonderful ride, and quite photogenic!


“These pretzels are making me thirsty” -Cosmo Kramer


Views from Antarctica!

& speaking of Antarctica, you can check out live webcam video of some cute penguins (and other awesome animals) from inside their habitat here!


Two monsters in one shot! Mako and Kraken!


Thank you for reading & we will keep you updated on all things SeaWorld and Mako so keep an eye out! Also don’t forget to check back June 8th, as we are excited to have some ERT (early ride time) on Mako. We will be sharing the excperience live with you, two days before the attraction opens!

Check out some more information on Mako (including a live countdown clock!) from SeaWorld themselves here


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Ride On, Coaster Chit Chat!

& don’t forget, #NothingFaster!

-James H

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