A Look at Six Flags Over Texas’s 3 New Rides


The Villains have arrived at Six Flags Over Texas and have taken over Gotham City! The three new Villains include The Riddler, Cat Woman, and Harley Quinn. 

Six Flags Over Texas is about to debut three new rides and a new expanded Gotham City area at their park in Arlington, TX. The three new rides include Riddler Revenge, CatWoman Whip and Harley Quin Spinsanity. In addition to the new rides the park has renovated the nearby Johnny Rockets Restaurant with new lighting and a larger kitchen. Let’s jump into a look at the rides.




The Catwoman Whip is a spinning flat ride with open air, suspended passenger vehicles give riders the sensation of flying sixty feet through the air at 25 miles per hour. The main ride mechanism is connected to an arm and extends upwards during the ride operation. At the peak this ride raises passengers 60 ft into the air. Riders will also be spun upside down over and over 10 times before returning to the ground.


Riders whip by as you wait in the queue.


The Catwoman Whip is the only one like it in the world. In true Texas style Catwoman Whip is the biggest model in the world currently installed in a theme park. This model allows for 48 passengers to ride at one time.


Upside down at 60 ft in the air!




IMG_1049The Ridller Revenge is a pendulum style ride that swings passengers back and forth while also spinning  around clock wise and counter clock wise. The ride stands 90 feet in the area. At the apex of the 120 degree swing, riders will be 146 feet in the air. Swinging back down at a speed of 70 miler per hour.


This ride is an awesome thrill ride and allows riders on all sides to experience ejector air time over and over again.


The loading platform and seats.

IMG_0978Riddler has a platform that moves away once the ride starts.


The Riddler Revenge will also be available on the Flash Pass.




Harley Quinn Spinsanity is the old Crazy Legs with a fresh new look! The whole ride has been rethemed and given a new paint job. Even the back fence area has been given some new themeing.


Spinsanity will have you spinning around at heights as high as 30 feet in the air and a top angle of 47 degrees.




The park has poured a concrete pad where a new stage will be built for night time entertainment, which brings us to the new lightning packages both rides received.


Even as darkness falls onto Gotham City, Riddler Revenge stands out like a beacon to all thrill seekers in the park!


You can seriously see Riddler Revenge lit up from the near by highway as well as from out side the front gates of the park.


The new lighting really brings a new element to the ride experience.


So whether you are on the ride or sitting nearby watching you can really have a great time in The New Gotham City Area. This is definitely the place to be at night!


So when can you experience these new thrills and Gotham City Area? Well the park has announced that the area will be open to the general public on  Saturday May 28th. 

But if you want to experience them sooner they have a Gold Pass Preview event scheduled on Thursday May 26th and an all Season Pass Preview Event Scheduled on Friday May 27th.


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I want to thank Sharon Parker, Matt Hughey, and all the management of Six Flags Over Texas for inviting American Coaster Enthusiasts out to this incredible event. The new rides are a great addition to the park and both offer a unique experiences for visitors. I recommend you buy a season pass to Six Flags Over Texas so you can enjoy these new rides over and over again all year long!

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