An Evening in Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town Saturday, May 28th

DSCN6957Good Morning Fans!  Laurie here, reporting from Knott’s Berry Farm.  I have a few pictures to share with you that I captured last night, and a brief interview with a lovely lady who works in the new textile mill in Ghost Town..

Ghost Rider was not testing last night, but there are continued signs of preparations being made for opening day.  The televisions are now playing in the empty queue lines, waiting to entertain Ghost Rider’s fans as they wait for their turn on this wooden beauty.  And Ghost Rider is in fact a beauty, looming high on the skyline and readily visible from almost anywhere on the park.  Also added since my visit on Monday is the new music, a combination of fiddles, horse hoofs sounds, chickens, wagon wheel sounds, and more, uniquely suited to Ghost Town.

The Ghost Town Live activities had ended before I arrived, but the slow evening traffic in the park gave me an opportunity to visit with some of the park personnel.  I stepped into the new textile mill, and had a lovely visit with a lady who worked there as a spinner.  She explained to me that all of the machines were actual antiques, many owned by the operators.


Employed by Knott’s for many years, working also in the little school house, this lady is a wealth of information about all things Knott’s.  She was particularly complimentary regarding the soon to leave General Manager, Raffi Kaprelyan.  She spoke fondly of him, how he spent time speaking with the employees, and made improvements to infrastructure items like drainage and the restrooms.  She says he will be missed, but is looking forward to what is ahead under the leadership of new GM Jon Storbeck, who takes over starting tomorrow, Monday, May 30th.

John Storbeck previously was vice president of hotels and Downtown Disney at Disneyland. He was also a vice president of Disneyland for nine years. He left the company in January.

Raffi Kaprelyan, current General Manager, was promoted to regional vice president of Cedar Fair. Raffi will oversee Knott’s and several other parks for Cedar Fair.

It’s going to be exciting to see what both Raffi and John will do for Knott’s and other Cedar Fair parks in the future.


Other observations;  The Wagon Camp theatre, Calico stage and park are far from being ready………


Wagon Camp Theatre



Good Night Ghost Town!

Well, it is time to head to the park to check out Ghost Town Live!  More tonight!  Make sure you follow Coaster Chit Chat on Facebook for all the latest news.  It’s a beautiful morning, get out and Ride ON!

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