Six Flags Great Adventure’s Joker is Now Open!

This past Thursday, May 26th, was the media day for Six Flags Great Adventure’s 13th coaster, The Joker. It is the East Coast’s first S&S 4D Free Spin coaster.

Friend of the site, Cyndi, got a personal invite and sent us these photos.

Photo May 26, 10 36 29 AM

Photo: Coaster Insanity

Here’s a photo of The Joker itself! It looks really great against the lake.


This is what The Joker’s entrance looks like.


A close up of the cards.


Here’s the test seat for The Joker.

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There’s some nice cartoons to look at inside The Joker’s queue line. Also, it has shade, which is great!


Here’s what the loading platform looks like. You will be split between the green and purple side, and will board one of these comfy seats.


Here’s the lift hill for The Joker. Since there’s not too much photo-wise of The Joker since it’s an extremely visible coaster, we’ll get straight to the review from Cyndi:

was simply amazed at how female friendly the restraints were. I absolutely loved the 4D spin action. I only got to experience the green side so I can’t compare the sides for side differences. I spun 3 times, others spun 4 times, some said 9 but who really knows what is true. I truly love my experience and this is a most do ride. I can’t wait to go on the Joker again


There’s a new gift store called Funhouse Gifts. It is right next to The Joker.


Here’s some Joker t-shirts.


Here’s some Joker toys and cups.


Here’s some Joker capes as well.

Here’s video of the opening ceremony:

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