Waiting for GhostRider – Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm’s highly anticipated reopening of GhostRider is just around the corner, so, even though we wrote about it last weekend for Woodie Wednesday, I thought I’d devote this issue to this amazing coaster too.  Southern California enthusiast are just ecstatic that it opens soon, and can be seen checking frequently for test runs.  I, Laurie am admittedly jumping for joy that GhostRider reopens in just ten more days.


Let’s review the statistics of this wooden wonder.

Originally built in 1998, (opened December 8th, 1998), this coaster is fondly refered to as Walter Knott’s last gift to the park.  It is a wood twister, 4533 feet in length.  The coaster actually is built over Beach Blvd, and extends into the Market Place parking lot.


The coaster is 113 feet high, and travels at a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour.  There are three trains, the original ones were manufactured by PTC, (the new ones are Millennium Flyers.)  The coaster was manufactured by CCI, and the rebuild is being done by Great Coasters International.  Among the many improvements on this magnificent ride is the elimination of the mid-ride brake run, which was abrupt and rough.  Roughly 3800 of track have been rebuilt.  The new wood is very clearly visible, as it is a pretty yellow shade, and the original wood has that old gray wood look.


This shot, taken on May 23rd, shows the two shades of wood, as well as one of the new trains at the top of the lift hiss.  Later this evening, live testers were seen in the front row.  The trains were seen testing over the Memorial weekend without test dummies in them.  I also noticed new TV’s to entertain us while we wait our turn for our rides, and the new music playing throughout Ghost Town, (Animal sounds, fiddles, and stage coach sounds, just like the town would have sounded in it’s day.)

Follow this link for a detailed review of the original ride, including the ride experience.


Copy and paste this for the POV of the original ride.


I will be sure to report on the newly reopened Ghostrider at the earliest possible time, I am so excited that it reopens soon!

The rebuilding of GhostRider is just one of many events and improvements Knott’s Berry Farm has already or will soon introduce to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of this historic amusement park.  Ghost Town Live started this past Friday, May 25th and will run continuously until September 5th.  Watch for my report on it, as it was such a fun experience!  I plan to visit Calico often this summer, to check up on the Mayfield boys and all the latest news from the local Calico newspaper.

The Wagon Camp Theatre is being rebuilt, as is the Calico Stage.  Mrs Knott’s Chicken Restaurant is completed, and is now serving breakfast on the weekends.  And The Cable Car Kitchen is now providing funnel cakes outside the park, and no lines!

Next week, Jeremy will report on Gold Striker at California’s Great America.  You will notice the similarity of it’s trains to GhostRiders new trains.  Look for the commonalities it has with it’s older sister coaster, Apocalypse the Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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