Mountain Madness 2.0: Revolution’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sunday, June 5th dawned bright and clear, a perfect day for  coasters and friendship.  And that’s exactly what our friends at Park Journey and The Coaster Guy had planned for us.  I, and most of the group of about 50, arrived at Six Flags early, at 8:30am for our ERT on the New Revolution.

After a brief greeting in the entry plaza, we made our way into the park, and headed toward the New Revolution for our ERT.   Gregg and Kurt set up the GoPros, and we were all going to get our own POVs.  I was excited!  The red train went out, with Gregg and a group of riders, followed by the white train with Kurt and another group.  I was not on the first two trains, as I had gone to rent a locker, and was standing in row 4 to ride the next train.  This provided to be a great view of the events that unfolded.


The first train of the day leaving the station. Our epic day had begun.


The white train pulls out for it’s first run of the day.

Soon, the first train arrives back to the station.  Now remember, The NEW Revolution is in reality 40 years old, and 40 year old coasters can be eccentric.  I don’t think the old girl appreciated being started up early to give us our ERT.  As has happened before, when the train pulls back into the station, it stops short of where it is suppose to.  And that is problematic.  The lap bars are designed to not unlock until the train is in it’s exact, correct spot.  The guys in the red car are sitting in the shady station, but by now the white train had finished it’s circuit, and was sitting on the brake run.  The Six Flags staff knew exactly what they needed to do, and sprang into the routine.  They put on their safety vest, and collected all the googles from the riders, and took down the names of everyone on the two trains, in case an evacuation became necessary.  The mechanics arrived.


White train sitting on the brake run waiting to unload. Eventually, these guys did get off on the brake run and walk back into the station.


Mechanics at the control panels.


And on the brake run.

Ultimately, it was decided to evacuate the riders where the trains were at.  The Six Flags Staff quickly unlocked the lap bars, and everyone easily left the trains.


Unlocking the lap bars.

TNR brake issue

Addressing the brake issue.

So The New Revolution did indeed have her Revenge for a while at least.  Later in the day, operations were restored to normal, and we were all given front of the line passes for The New Revolution and one other ride of our choice.  We all disbursed to enjoy the park until the behind the scenes tour, planned for 1p.m.

I headed to Full Throttle, where I made a new acquaintance, Matthew Romine of Coaster Junkies 101.  The park was pretty empty Sunday, and I was able to ride Twisted Colossus repeatedly.  A word to the wise, don’t leave stuff in your pockets on TC.  My phone was lost from my back pocket.  Fortunately, the Six Flags staff found it after hours, and thanks to an OTTER box, the phone was unbroken.

The behind the scenes photo tour was a great opportunity to get some awesome views of Twisted Colossus and Goliath.  It had gotten hot by then, and Goliath provided some shade.  Hanging out under the tracks was a cool experience.  Here are some of the photos I captured.






Trains making their way up the lift hill.






The Coaster Guy


Goliath’s Tunnel


these make great souvenirs


Going Down!


the view from below


for the new slides at Hurricane Harbor.



Next was lunch in the shady picnic grove: Burgers, Chips, Beans, Corn and salad with Ice cream for dessert.  It was a pleasant break from being out in the sun.  We had a nice time visiting with each other and making new friends.  Once again we dispersed to use our front of the line passes, planning to meet one more time, at 8pm. for a ride take over of Gold Rusher, the parks only remaining original coaster.  It was fun to get together one last time and say good night, and the old coaster does provide some nice views of the wooded areas of the park, and has a nice, long banking curve near the end.

Skippy Peanut Butter was sponsoring an after hours ERT on Goliath and Lex Luthor.  Many of us had wristbands for this event, and enjoyed a few last rides on these favorites.  All in All, I rode an astonishing 16 times

I saw the all new Kwerk show.  As always, it is a great show.  It was fresh and new, but maybe not as edgy as last year. It is hard to photograph but here are a few shots.






I had a wonderful day and I believe all those who attended did as well.  Great coasters, great people, good food, and the California sun are an unbeatable combination.  Many thanks to Gregg from Park Journey, and Kurt, the Coaster Guy for making this all happen.  , Be sure to watch for their complete trip reports, including the group photo. #MtnMadness2

As always, thank you for reading our page.  Stay in touch with us on Facebook, on Coaster Chit Instagram, and Twitter #coasterchitchat  And watch for my full report on the opening of GhostRider and the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA  #GhostTown75  We will also have reports from New England, Texas, and Florida in the next few days.

Again, thanks for reading Coaster Chit Chat!  Good night from Buena Park, CA, Laurie




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