Six Flags America Superman VR Review


Yesterday was the VIP event for VR on Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags America. Thanks to Bobby for going and giving us some photos.

The line never got beyond a single ride wait for the front and back rows. You can not wear the VR headpiece in the very front row – however you can in the second row even when no one sits in front of you.  You enter the building where they give you your head piece and do a mock fitting. Then once you get on the ride they fit it the rest of the way.


With VR, it took around 10 minutes to load one train. I will give the employees credit they did seem to know what they were doing however the phones they use kept running out of battery.


They have to load each person, make sure they are buckled in right, make sure the head piece is on secure, and then finally have to get each persons video feed working.

The overall experience is neat. Once your feed is working you appear to be the only one in your row. If you look to the left, right, down, up, and behind you there is no one there – you will see the walls of the car you are in. I did notice each time I rode I had on a different shirt and at one time I was a guy and another I was a girl in the feed. It appears you are on a futuristic monorail car with the track hanging above you.


Once the train starts moving the cars on the street below you start moving. Right away the action begins. I do not want to give away too much as to what happens. It was neat not knowing when you are going to start cresting the lift hill. It would be better if I rode a coaster with this technology not knowing the layout. I could tell exactly what the video was going to do because I know the layout so well.

To see what VR on Superman looks like, check this video out from Midway Mayhem:

Everyone enjoyed it apparently, most were ripping and raving about it once they got off.

I view VR as a great way to spice up a ride on a coaster you go frequently, but not something you go on each time.

Thanks to Roberto, Mikael and the rest of the crew at Six Flags America for a great event.

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4 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    Just an FYI, you can change the “person” you appear to be in the VR feed by pushing the button on the upper right side of the VR device. You can either be a guy wearing a Batman t-shirt or a girl wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt.

  2. SSport says:

    Day 4 and the VR is already junk. 50/50 chance of getting one that works. Half the people ride without the VR, and it still takes 20 minutes to load a train – which means another 20 minute wait outside the pavilion to unload. Ride attendant told me they are down from 1,000 guests per hour to 300. I’d say that number is extremely optimistic.

    Without the VR it’s an “OK” coaster. Long run, but pretty uneventful. Don’t know what it’s like with the VR, i went twice and it froze up both times.

  3. Amaray says:

    I just waited 2 hours for this stupid new vr ride. I hate it. It’s not worth the wait. It takes to long.

  4. Kris Brower says:

    Whoever decided to add VR to the Superman ride should have done more research. VR is very taxing on SoC (system on chip) and it can cause them to overheat. That is what happened today, 7/25/16. It took approx. 20 per ride to fit everyone with a headgear that worked. I received one that worked at first, but by the time I was about three quarters up the initial hill my headgear shut down due to overheating and I spent the entire ride in the dark except for the message which stated it shut down due to overheating. I don’t think anyone thought about the 90-100° days in Md. and riders like myself paid the price for it. I for one will not use the VR on the ride again and will encourage others to not use it either.

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