Thanks for 2 Great Years!


2 years ago today, Coaster Chit Chat was launched. Every since then, we moved from our free hosted site onto this site. So many great people have come onto the team, giving us great content!

You guys have been our number one fans. From referring you friends to like our social media pages, to reading our posts, it really has been appreciated! We’ve received significant growth, and are planning great things for the future.

Also, we’d like thank several parks out there for inviting us to media events and giving us press releases and videos to allow us to be the best we can. We’d especially like to thank Gene at Six Flags Over Georgia, Jen at Six Flags New England, Laresa at Carowinds, Roberto at Six Flags America, Katelyn at Kings Dominion, Diane at Knotts, Sue and Connie at Six Flags Magic Mountain, for always making sure we’re up to date on what’s going on at their individual park!

Thanks to our blogger friends for supporting us, including Theme Parks and Travels, Park Journey and Wild Gravity Travels!

We’d also like to thank the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) for inviting all members to go to several events and allowing us to give out awesome content as well. Click here to join ACE, as you won’t regret it at ALL!

Although we have great staff members, we need more! If you would like to help contribute content to us, click here  for more info. We especially need people in the Midwest and East Coast!

A huge thank you goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain for including our update from 4/24/16 in their newsletter about the Team Magic 85 t-shirts.

Also, if you’d like to give us a little financial assistance, PLEASE donate to Patreon. Click here to find out more info about donating to Patreon. Even $1 will go a LONG LONG LONG way! If you are a patreon supporter, you get to be part of our exclusive Patreon supporters group, where staff members and Patreon supporters get to interact with each other.

If we don’t receive more financial assistance, some of our future projects may not end up happening, and we can’t give you, the readers, the best experience popular.

We have some exciting things we are working on at the moment that will really bring us to the top.

As part of our 2 year celebration, we are giving out maps from different parks!

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