Six Flags Fiesta Texas Boardwalk Review


Six Flags Fiesta Texas has recently reopened their Boardwalk area after a complete renovation. Along with all new wood and food options they have also added in three new family and thrill rides! Walking into the Boardwalk area  I was blown away at how beautiful it all was; fresh paint, new wood, new lighting, it all made me feel like a child again. The Boardwalk is a great place to bring your your friends and family to make new memories.


Food and Stores


The Boardwalk offers new food options at the same great price. The Six Flags Dining Pass is available to use at all of the food vendors on the Boardwalk.

IMG_1217Some of the new vendors have corn dogs, mini corn dogs, fries and drinks! There is something for everyone to eat out on the Boardwalk.


The Boardwalk now offers additional retail shops, like the Jelly Belly store. Inside they have a Coke Freestyle where you can make customized Coke drinks. New lighting has also been added. These light are led and change colors, adding a beautiful ambiance at night. Well get to those pictures in a moment.  For now lets check out those new rides!


Hurricane Force 5 


Hurricane Force 5 is a DISK’O made by Zamperla. It’s a whole lot of fun for the whole family.


Hurricane Force 5 took up the space the old Frisbee was in.




Spinsanity is a Tilt O Whirl flat ride built by Larson. It’s situated in the middle of the Boardwalk, which allows visitors to watch riders spin round and round.


This ride is great for people who love to spin wildly. I’d recommend riding on a empty stomach.




Fireball is a Looping Flat Ride built by Larson. This compact ride offers a lot of thrills.


It’s got some great hang time at the top of the loop.


The Boardwalk at Night


With the summer heat reaching the 100 degree marks here in Texas, the best way to cool off is to head to the Boardwalk at night. Lets take a moment and admire all the new lights added to this area.


The new lighting packages look incredible on the rides.


Each ride has a beautiful set of new lights. In the back drop is a projection of “Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.”


The Fireball is bright at night!


The “Ball of Fire” can be seen anywhere on the Boardwalk.


All the twinkling little lights! Throughout the whole Boardwalk these lights are strung up. They change to various different colors and look so gorgeous at night.


I absolutely love the whole Boardwalk area. It fits perfectly into Six Flags Fiesta Texas. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, get over to San Antonio and visit! We’ll have the cotton candy waiting for you!

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