SeaWorld Orlando: Mako Review

Beautiful sunset over SeaWorld Orlando's lake as Mako dives into its final turn with the SkyTower in the background

Beautiful sunset over SeaWorld Orlando’s lake as Mako dives into its final turn with the SkyTower in the background

Hi Coaster Chit Chat! James H here from the beautiful city of Orlando!

The opening of SeaWorld Orlando’s Mako rollercoaster was a highly anticipated event, as the park had not received a thrill ride of that magnitude since Manta in 2009. & once again, SeaWorld has risen above and beyond their world class standards with this attraction.


As you approach the small corner of the park that Mako resides in, you will recognize the old Shark Encounter attraction has a stealthy new neighbor.


As shown above, Mako is located in the back of the park. The new attraction has rejuvenated this area, which was previously dead space in between the ageing Shark Encounter and the Nautilus Theater, with fresh new life.

The Purple and Blue theme goes real well with the overall theme of the attraction and has influenced the surrounding area. There are now two new gift shops, a food truck, a Coke Freestyle machine, and some carnival games now located in the area surrounding Mako.

Guy Harvey's beautiful mural on the outside wall of Mako's gift shop

Guy Harvey’s beautiful mural on the outside wall of Mako’s gift shop


The entrance is quite impressive and inviting. There is a convenient locker station located to the left of the entrance.


Once in the line, You will find immensive beauty leading you down a path into the ride’s station.


As you get closer to the station, there is some valuable shade! & even some interesting Mako facts posted on the poles/walls.


One you enter through the base of the station you have to zigzag through a small area before having to make a trek up two flights of stairs – which isn’t so bad because you get your first real glimpse of what the bulk of the ride has to offer as track soars right next to you! Once you make it up the stairs you then find yourself in the station.

Ride Experience


Once you make it inside the station, you feel immersed in a whole new world. In front of you, you see a slick looking train, out the front you see stunning views of Kraken, Mako, and water, out the back you see more of Mako and more water, and above you, you see silhouettes of sharks, sting rays, and other sea life swimming about.

After you board and become a Mako shark, you will notice the water above you will swirl and turn purple as you swim on towards the lift hill. The lift hill in which actually moves really quick! Once you reach the top, you have no time to think or to take in the stunning views because before you know it, you are plummeting 73 mph down a 200 foot drop! You then go into a 90 degree over-banked turn followed by multiple air time hills. You then transition into an overbanked u-turn and go off into a rather peculiar air time hill with a trim brake right before the crest of the hill. Now this surprised me the first time I rode it as just that slightest tap on the brakes right before the hill launches you out of your seat all the way until you reach the valley! It is a very unique experience. the rest of the ride is filled with amazingly smooth transitions, turns, and airtime hills. As the first half of the ride focused on height and speed, the last half focused really well on maneuverability, but airtime is a constant all throughout the ride!

Mako is definitely on the top of my list of best Hypercoasters because of it’s theme, smooth transitions, and most importantly, air time!



Media Event


We would like to thank SeaWorld Orlando for the wonderful opportunity to participate in Mako’s media event. We had a wonderful time at the events that took place June 8th, 9th, & 10th. It was exciting to see such enthusiasm for this ride and SeaWorld.



Guy Harvey signing autographs in front of his mural at SeaWorld Orlando

It was nice of Guy Harvey to hold a personal meet and greet and to sign autographs. I asked him if he had ridden Mako yet and he said “haha no, that is too fast for me!” His partnership with SeaWorld will help save and protect sharks in the wild through science and research.


Promotional vehicle parked at the entrance to SeaWorld Orlando for the grand opening of Mako on June 10th


The marching band that escorted Mako’s first riders Opening Day morning.

20160608_204519 - Copy

Mako sure is a unique ride. It definitely rounds SeaWorld Orlando’s ride line-up out and adds a monster thrill to contend with the other parks in the area. If it wasn’t already, Mako puts SeaWorld Orlando on the map as a must visit park to visit in 2016. There is nothing like a brand new, fresh B&M Hypercoaster!


Check out how SeaWorld and Guy Harvey are saving sharks

Check out some info on Mako


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