A Look at Knott’s Soak City’s 2017 Expansion Plans

Recently, the plans for Knott’s Berry Farm’s water park, Soak City, have been publicly released on the city of Buena Park’s website so the city can approve the plans. On Ghost Town’s media day on June 9th, 2016, it was announced that the water park would get an expansion in 2017 with 2 new slide complexes, more cabanas and the park’s main dining restaurant will be expanded. You can view them here (pages 267-269). We have screenshoted all of them and described the plans below.

Here are the plans!

Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

One slide will be removed, but 7 brand new slides will be installed!


Here’s a google earth overlay showing how the plans over the existing park.



Photo: Destination 360

Photo Credit: Destination360 Knotts Soak City

Pacifc Spin, pictured above, is a ProSlide Tornado added to Soak City back in 2006. It will be removed and replaced with a White Water West Fusion Constrictor Python slide. From the looks on White Water West’s slides, the combinations possible look interesting. Here is a rendering from what’s Knott’s slide will look like:


Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

It doesn’t have any of the other fancy features the other slides have, but will definitely be fun for all to experience. It’s unique that the slide’s width greatly varies.

Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

Here’s a look at the new slide’s placement in the old Pacific Spin area. It’ll definitely look great, especially since those in the parking lot can view it and make their day more exciting!

Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

The major addition in 2017 will be this 6 story slide complex with 4 drop capsules and 2 translucent body slides. They definitely will give the bring Knott’s Soak City a major, headlining thrilling slide complex!

This is the first time Cedar Fair has installed a complex with this design. Other slide complexes Cedar Fair has recently installed include:

Blackbeard's Revenge at Carowinds's Carolina Harbor, installed in 2016

Blackbeard’s Revenge at Carowinds’s Carolina Harbor, installed in 2016

This is the most cloned slide complex. It has 3 drop capsules, 2 tube slides and 1 body slide. They’ve been super popular at the Cedar Fair parks. They’ve been installed at Carowinds, Dorney Park, Kings Island, Kings Dominion and Worlds of Fun.

Photo: 105 FM in Minnesota

This slide complex was installed in Valleyfair back in 2015. It has 2 straight vertical body slides and 4 drop capsule slides. This variation was installed due to space limitations the park had to deal with.

Needless to say, the water park expansions at Cedar Fair parks lately has been great!

Photo; Knott's Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Photo; Knott’s Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Part of the parking lot will be removed for the addition of the slide complex, but land near La Sallae Avenue and Stanton Avenue will be bought and used for more parking spaces.


Here is a rough sketch of the expansion via Google Earth. The orange space is where the new parking area will be. The red area is where the slide complex will be, and the light blue is where the Fusion slide will be.

According to Google Earth, there are businesses in the plot of land where the new parking spaces will be. No word if they currently exist. The building (a burger store)  at the corner of La Salle and Stanton will still remain open.

Another thing that we would love to see is having all the slides repainted. All of them currently look badly in need of a new paint job. Several of the slides at Carowinds were in this scenario, and when they rebranded the water park this year, all the slides go repainted and they now look like this:


If they repainted Knott’s Soak City’s slides in a vibrant color, it’d really add some life into the water park, just like what happened at Carowinds!

These plans are definitely exciting, and much needed. They have yet to be officially announced by the park, but we are confident these plans will occur.

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