LEGOLAND Florida Resort: Miniland 400, 2017 NEW ATTRACTIONS & Trip Report


Hello Coaster Chit Chat! James H here, and I am excited to tell you about LEGOLAND FLorida!

We were invited to cover the first ever Miniland 400 at the park! (See photo below)

It was my first time to the resort, although I have driven past it wanting to go many times before so I wasn’t for sure exactly what to expect. From the moment I walked up to the gate, the park blew me away! EVERYTHING about LEGOLAND Florida was AWESOME!


Once we got to the park, the first thing we did was attend the event. The event was to promote the newly constructed model of the Daytona International Speedway in the Miniland section of the park, and as a play on words of the Coke Zero 400 held at the Daytona International Speedway that featured Nascar driver Casey Mears interacting with the kids.

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The amount of detail is amazing!



The race consisted of Casey Mears racing a kid throughout Miniland in lego go-karts. During the race, Casey Mears had spun out into a lego wall, allowing the youngster to cross the finish line in first place.

20160620_120847 (2)


After the race, Casey Mears stuck around to interact with a few guests before moving on to the new Imagination Zone building to build and race lego cars down a soap box car style ramp.

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It was a really neat experience, especially for the kids to interact with someone they see on t.v.



Throughout the park, we saw several references to the resort’s newest attraction and hotel both opening 2017.


We first noticed a banner promoting the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

From the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat website: “This whimsically themed vacation resort combines the fun of surf, sand and sun with the creativity of LEGO® bricks on a picturesque site next to Lake Dexter, adjacent to the Theme Park. Distinguished by a colorful LEGO lighthouse, the village-style, lakefront resort will feature 83 single-story duplex units, offering 166 separate accommodations that sleep up to five.”


20160620_143519 20160620_143108 20160620_143103 20160620_143059

We also saw construction is moving along nicely for the new Ninjago themed land and attraction.

Per the LEGOLAND Blog on their website “…this all-new, fully immersive theme park land invites guests to step into a magical, martial arts kingdom where they’ll experience a first-of-its-kind attraction that blends eye-popping, 3D computer animation, “4D” atmospheric effects and groundbreaking technology by Montreal-based Triotech. On LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, up to four guests per vehicle blast animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice using nothing more than their hands as they travel through dojos mastering their skills before teaming up to defeat a powerful villain. Riders collect points and scores are displayed when each quest is complete. The thrilling attraction is the epicenter of a new area featuring multiple hands-on, interactive experiences that will hone kids’ physical skills like NINJAGO heroes Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Nya, before their ultimate test on LEGO NINJAGO The Ride.”

The Rest of Our Day at LEGOLAND

Once the event was over, we were free to explore the park for the rest of the day. The park was stunningly beautiful and very much alive with energy and plenty of things to do! All of the workers and ride operators were very enthusiastic and happy to be a part of LEGOLAND!


The first attraction we did was the Island in the Sky (pictured above). It is a very unique attraction that lifts guests slowly up to 150 feet in the air that offers outstanding views of the park and surrounding areas as you rotate slowly.

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As we walked around the park we were blown away by the amount of fun attractions to do and see. It is truly a world class park that will bring out the inner child in you. After all, it is built for kids! But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the park! Each of their four rollercoasters are great rides. As park managers explained to me “Our [LEGOLAND’s] rollercoasters are pink-knuckled attractions; not so intense to turn your knuckles white, but enough to have a great time on!” & that statement is very true!

20160620_133619 (2) - Copy

The thing that surprised me most at the park was their food selection! Granny’s Apple Fries are a MUST HAVE during any and every visit to LEGOLAND!!


Overall we had the best day ever at LEGOLAND Florida, as it exceeded our expectations in every way. From cleanliness of the park to the number of attractions to the atmosphere of the themed lands, everything at LEGOLAND Florida is AWESOME! Yes! I said it! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! (If you have ever seen the LEGO Movie, you’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head once again. & that’s not a bad thing… is it?)


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& make plans to visit LEGOLAND Florida! You won’t regret it!

– James H

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