Superman The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster Six Flags New England Media Day

DJ here. Last month I attended media day for Superman the ride virtual reality coaster at Six Flags New England. I strongly apologize for the delay. Here is a brief history about the Coaster it’s self. Superman The Ride originally opened in 2000 as Superman Ride of Steel. Superman Ride of Steel was manufacturer by Intamin and stands at 208′ feet and first drop is 220″ feet making it a Mega/Hyper coaster. Superman Ride of Steel has received many awards throughout the years including #1 in the world by Gold Ticket Awards. In 2009 the Coaster was re-themed and re-named Bizzaro.


Bizzaro lift hill

After a long battle with Bizzaro, Superman returned in 2016 as Superman The Ride.


Superman the rides lift hill

In June 2016 the park added Vr (Virtual reality) to Superman The Ride this new experience brings innovative technology to this already Amazing coaster. Now lets jump in for what you all came here for my review and overview of Superman The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster. First you will enter the station where you will be offered Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus headsets.


Samsung Gear Vr powered by Oculus headset

Please note that VR is not required however I highly recommend trying it.  Also you have to be 13 years of age to use the VR headset. Also, the VR headset is now slightly different than the ones used back in June.


Notice sign about the age restrictions for Vr

The station was very well organized with one side for cleaning the headsets and another for charging the cell phones to operate the headsets.


Here’s a glimpse of the Vr headsets hanging up in the rides Station

Once you have your VR headset you will be directed to your seat where your VR headset will be fitted. After you have been fitted you will load the train where you will look forward to scan a QR code to activate Vr. Once Vr is activated staff will come around to make sure that you can view it properly. After your VR headset and restraints have been checked you will begin Vr in Metropolis station (the rides station) in a suspend monorail like vehicle.


Supermanthe rides 208′ foot decent

Then you will begin your descent in Metropolis During your descent up the rides 208′ foot lift hill you will be atacked by Lex Luther and his Lex Bots. Of course Superman comes and save a woman falling from a vehicle and battles Lex Luthor. Then you will take your 220′ foot drop into “Fire” with Superman holding on to your vehicle this is also where the rides first tunnel is this making for a cool effect. After this you will fly around Metropolis with Superman during the rides first airtime hill and over banked turn.


Superman the ride over banked turn

Then you will go into the rides second airtime hill were Superman will blow out fire. At this point of the ride you will go into the third airtime hill followed by Lex Luthor grappling onto your Vehicle taking you thur the rides Spaghetti Bowl.


Superman the rides Spaghetti Bowl

During the rides Spaghetti Bowl you will experience a Surprise element. This is probably my favorite part of the Vr experience let’s just say it’s something that this coaster doesn’t physically have. After the Spaghetti Bowl you will go into the rides second tunnel were Superman and Lex Luthor will battle.Then you will go into the rides last hills were Superman will win the battle and you will return to the Metropolis Station (Station).

Here is a Superman The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster Split Screen Pov

Video Content of Six Flags New England

Overall it’s a great experience it brings innovative technology to a amazing world-class coaster. My favorite part of the ride has to be the surprise element follow by the first tunnel. The sound of the tunnel makes a very cool effect with the fire. Once again I strongly apologize for the delay of this post I would like to sincerely apologize to you the reader and the team over at Six Flags.

I would like to thank Jennifer McGrath and the team over at Six Flags for inviting us out to experience this new technology.

If you are ever in the New England area make sure to stop by Six Flags New England to try out this new technology on this fantastic coaster.

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