New for 2016: Cobra’s Curse Busch Gardens Tampa Coaster Review

The entrance to Cobra's Curse. A major improvement compared to a recreation of King Tut's Tomb - the previous attraction to occupy the area.

The entrance to Cobra’s Curse. A major improvement compared to a recreation of King Tut’s Tomb – the previous attraction to occupy the area.

Hi Coaster Chit Chat! Florida James here to bring you a review of Busch Gardens Tampa’s the new Mack Spinning Coaster – Cobra’s Curse!


Cobra’s Curse is beautifully squeezed into the Egypt section of the park in front of the infamous B&M inverted coaster Montu.

20160703_114749 (2)

The line queue for Cobra’s Curse actually occupies the show building that previously housed a recreation of King Tut’s Tomb that anticlimactically ended in an out of place gift shop. Check out a walk through of the non existent attraction below:

Once Busch Gardens closed King Tut’s Tomb in the winter of 2013, I never thought much of it as it was an unpopular attraction that never saw many visitors. Actually it took me about a year before I realized it was closed! Also in late 2014 and early 2015 I was more concerned about the unsettling yet expected closing of one of my personal favorites, Gwazi.

SBNO Gwazi is a such a disappointing sight to see ***wink wink RMC!***

SBNO Gwazi is a such a disappointing sight to see ***wink wink RMC!***

Anyways I was so upset about Gwazi closing, I never even noticed all of the developments happening over at the other side of the park in Egypt. We had a small tease in 2015 and before we knew it, Cobra’s Curse was open in spring 2016!



The line for Cobra’s Curse tends to get quite long throughout the day naturally as it is a fresh new attraction and a badly needed family coaster, so I highly suggest getting there early in the day or during the evening time.

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Once you enter the line queue building, you are directed through a hallway out to a “snakepit” of sorts, where you are constantly reminded of snakes, all while you “snake” through an outside line queue where most of your wait will take place. And it is hot during mid day, however there are spots of shade and fans blowing at every end.


There are plenty of things to read all throughout the line queue that offer theming background of the attraction and educational information about snakes.

A statue of the Snake King in the indoor section of the line queue.

A statue of the Snake King in the indoor section of the line queue featuring live snakes.

Once you get to the indoor section of the line queue, you are immersed in an Egyptian tomb where the Snake King dwells. It is quite impressive. After going through a series of twists and turns inside, you enter into a larger room where there are projected “shows” on a wide wall showing the Snake King’s wrath.

This is the Snake King’s (I am calling it this, feel free to follow along) water wrath. As far as I know, there is a fire wrath version as well! Not sure if there are any others, but it is pretty neat.

All throughout the line, you are warned of the Snake King’s wrath. You are not sure whether or not the Snake King is a good guy or a bad guy as there are images and references to him protecting the people of the world as well as him unleashing his wrath upon the people of the world. Anyways the dig team decides it is a good idea to put the head of a 70 foot tall Snake King statue on even though there have been deliberate warnings not to.



Now that you are up to speed, the ride begins by you boarding a continuously moving train (however a stationary train will be available for you if you’d need it via a switch track upon request).

Cobra's Curse Station

Cobra’s Curse Station

Once you reach the lift elevator you are lifted up the statue as it seems to come alive before you.

20160703_132506 (2)

The ride is split into three sections: the first your train is locked in the forward position, the second your train is spun around and locked so you are facing backwards, and the last section you are spinning freely. Check out our POV and Offride Video footage below:

It is a very beautiful ride with many great elements. My personal favorite is around 1:42-1:50 in the POV video and 1:45-1:52 in the Off Ride video. That effect combined with the free spinning element is amazing as you feel weightlessness while gliding through the air.

20160703_132642 (2)

20160703_132643 (2)

20160703_132322 (2)


I hope you have enjoyed my review on Cobra’s Curse and I hope those of you who have not yet gotten a chance to yet get to ride it soon! It is a wonderful addition to Busch Gardens Tampa as a family friendly attraction packed with some good surprises!


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-James H

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