Mean Streak at Cedar Point Gets Axed On 9/16 + Speculation on What Could be Replacing Mean Streak

This morning, Cedar Point announced Mean Streak’s closure on Friday, September 16th.

Above is the announcement video of the ride’s closure

Mean Streak was built by the Dinn Corporation. It opened on May 11, 1991 as the world’s tallest and fastest wooden coaster.

The park stated that it is  making its way for “future development” in FrontierTown, but no other information was given at this time. Let’s do a little speculation on what could happen.

Option 1: Retrack by Great Coasters International

Cedar Fair, Cedar Point’s owner, this year had Great Coasters International come in and retrack GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm. The results of the retracking were quite wonderful. You can read Laurie’s review of the retracking on GhostRider here. 

With the fact that the park made a special announcement video, it seems quite unlikely that the park would make such a big deal out of the closure just for a simple retracking.

Option 2: Conversion by Rocky Mountain Construction

Six Flags has gone of a major streak the last 5 years of having Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) convert their wooden coasters into hybrid coasters using RMC’s signature I-Box track. Inversions, airtime, overbanked trunks all have been added to these hybrid coasters. They have been quite successful (read Jeremy’s review of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s renovated Joker coaster here). They often make the top lists of people’s top coasters list, and are well received by park guests. There are survey markers all over Mean Streak right now, making it plausbile that Rocky Mountain Construction can come in and renovate Mean Streak into a steel coaster. Six Flags New England had markers all over Cyclone (now Wicked Cyclone) before the renovation occurred.

Another idea is that Rocky Mountain Construction use their topper track and add in new, crazy insane elements. No matter if Mean Streak ends up being a wood or steel coaster by having Rocky Mountain Construction, the park will be able to have an insanely awesome coaster that will draw the masses in.

Here’s a great video someone did on NoLimits of what a RMC Mean Streak would look like:

Option 3: Tear Mean Streak Down, have the land sit empty for the 2017 season, do a Soak City expansion in 2017 and do something new with the land in 2018.

With Jason McClure’s tweet (above) and Cedar Point’s language of Mean Streak getting axed, it seems that Mean Streak will get demolished, although we don’t know for sure what is going to occur right now. One thing that has been rumored is that Cedar Point will add new slides to Soak City, their water park, in 2017. They removed the go-karts and Skyscraper this past winter, and that gives the park a huge spot of land to add new things into Soak City.

One interesting thing was posted in this article from the CBS station in Detroit:

Cedar Point was also expected to soon announce upgrades to its aging Soak City water park.

We’re not sure how the CBS station obtained that info, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Mean Streak get completely torn down. Mean Streak occupies a huge plot of land, and land is always a premium at Cedar Point.

Photo: Google Earth

Photo: Google Earth

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of land in the middle that isn’t used to the full potential. What if Cedar Point tore down Mean Streak, left it empty of a year and then have RMC come in and add the world’s tallest, fastest and steepest wooden coaster by RMC? That’d be quite epic!

Photo: Google earth

Photo: Google earth

The area circled in red shows the  land of the former go-karts and Skyscraper. The green plot of land shows the Skycoaster. What if Cedar Point moved the Skycoaster into some of Mean Streak’s land and do a nice big Soak City expansion there? The park desparately needs some new thrilling slides, and the park would be able to satisfy all needs in the next couple of years.

Details of Mean Streak’s Finale

On Friday night, September 16 from  6 – 7 p.m., guests can take one final trip along the giant wooden structure. Then at 7:30, a special closing ceremony will occur as the park gives the “last rites” to the ride and march in procession from FrontierTown to the Dead Rides Cemetery near the front of the park.

Here’s a POV of Mean Streak:

What do you think will replace Mean Streak? Comment below!

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