Six Flags Over Texas 2017 Attraction Construction Update #1

Hello Coaster Chit Chat Fans. Tis the season of new rides coming to Six Flags parks all over the world. I was recently at my home park of Six Flags Over Texas for a much over due visit. The weather was amazing and with some cloud cover, the temperature was perfect for some coaster riding. But before I did that I had to check out some of the new construction going on next door to New Gotham. Recent speculation reports have suggested that the shopping mall next door, which Six Flags still owns, was being torn down for a new attraction coming in 2017. However, after the latest reports of permits being pulled for a new bumper car attraction, I believe that the strip mall will stay and will house the bumper cars.

Out in front of the park you can see directly into the parking lot of the Strip Mall, kind of.


The park has set up a temporary fence just in front of the strip mall, with chain link and black tarp. this stretches all the way down to the end of the building on both sides. This is blocking any kind of view into the windows of the strip mall.


This was taken from the opening in the construction fence. This opening is used to bring in trucks to the construction site for the road being built next to the park.


This is a shot looking the full length of the construction zone, looking toward I-30. Looks like there maybe have been some pluming or gas work done. Afterwards the land was regraded.


Another view of the parking lot, closer to the end of the shopping center toward New Gotham.


Here’s a look from the middle of the parking lot.


This view is looking towards Riddler Revenge.


These boxes were up against the fence. I don’t exactly know what they are used for. Let me know in the comments below if you may know.

(EDIT 8/16/16: Mark let us know these were spaces for utility ducts)


A closer look at the box full of plastic things.


On the other side of the fence by the street it looks to be some utility line being marked out.


*Random Cool Shot* But you can see all the way over to the right, how large the strip mall area is. If torn down, there is plenty of room for a new coaster. But also there is a enough room in front of the mall in the old parking lot to put in an S&S Free Spin. We’ll have to wait and see.
IMG_1442From atop the Oil Derrick you can see a little bit more into the construction site. You can see where the temporary fence is, and where the outside gate is located. 

This is a closer look a intersection and corner of the parking lot. Currently not a lot of work being done. Just some concrete torn up so far.


Off to the side of the Strip Mall you can see that the old bumper cars are still on site. Will these be used in next year’s rumored bumper cars attraction?


From inside New Gotham, you can see stacks of metal work out in front of the Strip Mall. There also doesn’t seem to be much more work being done to the building itself.


Again off to the side of the Strip Mall you can see the old bumper cars from the ride removed to build CatWoman Whip.


So far this is the only construction we are currently seeing in this area of the park. We will give you updates as they come. We will be back out at the park next weekend to see if anything has changed.

Also Six Flags has announced they will be revealing their new attractions on September 1st, 2016. What do you think could be coming to Six Flags Over Texas?


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5 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    The boxes contain spacers for utility ducts

  2. albert says:

    I hope a coaster cause it’s way over due for a new coaster and a GOOD ONE

  3. William says:

    I wish they would build a Giga coaster like at the Cedar Fair parks.

  1. September 12, 2016

    […] a whole lot of movement from this construction site. You can see our first construction update here. Now we know that the ride will be placed in the area in front of the mall, which used to be the […]

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