Cedar Fair New for 2017 Attractions Predictions

It’s that time of the year again, when parks are set to announce their new rides for the next year. Some interesting teasers have been released by the Cedar Fair parks. They have been adding some amazing attractions lately to their parks, and it sounds like 2017 will be no exception. Some parks have released when they are announcing their new for 2017 attractions, and one park (Kings Island) already partially announced what they’re getting for 2017. The announcement dates are noted below.

Without further ado, here are our predictions for what each individual Cedar Fair park is getting.

Cedar Point: Soak City Expansion for 2017 ; Mean Streak is torn down, 2018 involves new RMC woodie

Announcement on August 18th at 10 AM EST!

Cedar Point removed their Skyscraper and Go-Karts this past winter, creating a big plot of open land for future expansion.  Although the park has announced that Mean Streak is closing on September 16th, the timing wouldn’t logistically work out with a renovation of Mean Streak being done by May 2016. I think that Cedar Point will tear down Mean Streak, keep some footers around, and make a brand new Rocky Mountain Construction wooden coaster in 2018. There’s so much land inside Mean Streak that isn’t being used to it’s full potential, so tearing it down would probably be the best way to ensure every single acre of land at Cedar Point is used to it’s full potential.

The park has sent big flip flops to the local media, stating that is something is afoot. From that, it seems like a water park expansion will occur for the 2017 season.

CP Soak City

A mock up has been created of 2 possible slides that could fit in the spot of the go-karts and Skyscraper. One is a 6 story 6 slide tower that has been added to several Cedar Fair parks lately and has been quite popular. Another is Pacific Spin from Knott’s Berry Farm, which is getting removed this year for a new slide. By adding these two slides, Cedar Point’s water park can now have some modern water slide. Hopefully, a refresh of the water park will also occur.

Photo: Kings Island

Photo: Kings Island

Kings Island: Mystic Timbers (already announced) + Plants vs Zombies in the Action Theater

Mystic Timbers, a new Great Coasters International wooden coaster was announced back on the evening of July 28th. For more details on Mystic Timbers, click here. During the announcement on July 28th, Greg Schield, Kings Island General Manager, mentioned that there will be another announcement in Mid-August regarding another more 2017 capital. DJ and I thought about this, and believe that Plants vs Zombies redo like what happened at Carowinds this year would fit the bill the best. It’s something family friendly and would make great use of the park’s old Action Theater that has sat dormant lately.

Carowinds: 5 flats (already confirmed), Vortex floorless, Frisbee, Sky Roller and Ferris Wheel then WinterFest announced in early 2017

Announcement on August 18th!

We already know that Carowinds is getting a Troika, Breakdance, Music Express, Wave Swinger and Top Scan from Europe.

The park released the above video (which we are in!) showing a bunch of news articles with thephrase “There is always MORE to the story….” From that, it seems like the previously mentioned 5 flats rides aren’t the only things going into Carowinds.

The park has led a massive teaser campaign involving their mayor, Earnest Lee Higgbotham. The park has encouraged people to vote for another 4 years for Mayor Higgbotham by using #VoteFourMore on twitter. The park has strongly emphasized the hashtag. The idea of 4 more experiences on top of the 5 flats sounds awesome!

One of the extra 4 experiences would be Vortex turning into a Floorless coaster. This occurred at Cedar Point back in 2015, and was quite popular. By turning Vortex into a floorless coaster, this would really give Vortex extra ridership. A new name and paint job would come with it.


Another one would be a Giant Frisbee ride similar to Delirium at Kings Dominion. They’re quite fun and would offer something thrilling and family style ride sin 2017.


Photo: CWMania

The 3rd out of the 4 experiences would be a Gerstlauer Sky Roller. Wings were mentioned in the teaser, and a Gerstlauer Sky Roller would fit the bill. Riders are able to control the experience, so some could just simple go on the ride for the aerial views, and some would go for the disorienting views! It would be definitely an attractive ride for Carowinds since there’s no other in the Southeast region.

Photo: Cleveland.com

The 4th extra addition would be a ferris wheel. People would be able to enjoy the views of the Carolinas and give Carowinds another ride the entire family can enjoy, which is something they’re trying to improve upon. Hopefully a really unique lightning package like the one at Cedar Point (pictured above) is put in.

Also, it was mentioned in the 2nd quarter Cedar Fair conference call that 3 Cedar Fair parks will be getting Winterfest in 2017. One park that would be a great candidate is Carowinds. They have a great climate and lots of rides that would be able to operate in December. Carowinds would be able to compete with Six Flags Over Georgia and Dollywood’s holiday events. However, this announcement will probably be made in early 2017, not on August 18th, as the park wants to have as much interest as possible.

Kings Dominion: RMC Hurler, WinterFest announced in early 2017 

Announcement on August 20th!

This is probably the “wild card” prediction from this post. However, the park released this video on Facebook back on August 4th having Chad read some rumors on the internet, and said the following 3 phrases that stuck out to us:


Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom, a Rocky Mountain Construction re-do

  1. When the green track at the B&M plant in Ohio is mentioned, he says “try red.” Red track is a very popular option used on Rocky Mountain Construction coaster transformations.
  2. Someone jokes about not riding Hurler this year and Chad replies “maybe you’ll ride what replaces it.” It seems like Hurler wouldn’t be back retracked as the park previously said.
  3. “I wouldn’t be surprised if GCI is who they brought in for Hurler renovations, particularly seeing as they did work at Carowinds [Back in 2013 and 2014 off-seasons]” then Chad’s response was “I think that’s the only place they work.” Looks like a GCI retrack is not going to occur.

From these teasers and the fact that the park started teasing 3 weeks ahead of time seems like it won’t be an ordinary addition to Kings Dominion.


Hey, quit snoopin’ around… #KD2017

A photo posted by Kings Dominion (@kingsdominionva) on

Combine that with the fact that Kings Dominion has teased with photos of Snoopy looking around Hurler on Instagram, we are predicting Rocky Mountain Construction will do their ever popular Iron Horse treatment on a wood coaster and add inversions, airtime hills, overbanked turns and a steepened drop to Hurler. This will really wow the crowds in Virgina and force some competition between Busch Gardens Willamsburg’s new InvadR wooden coaster and this potential new RMC Hurler.

Also, it was mentioned in the 2nd quarter Cedar Fair conference call that 3 Cedar Fair parks will be getting Winterfest in 2017. One park that would be a great candidate is Kings Dominion. They have a great climate and lots of rides that would be able to operate in December. Kings Dominion would be able to compete with Six Flags America and Busch Gardens Willamsburg’s holiday events.  Busch Gardens Williamsburg often reaches full capacity with their holiday event, so Kings Dominion could possibly reap some visitors from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. However, this announcement will probably be made in early 2017, not on August 20th, as the park wants to have as much interest as possible.

Canada’s Wonderland: Water Park Expansion 


Canada’s Wonderland really lacks in the modern water park slides. Although they did add Typhoon, a set of mini-Tornado style slides in 2015, their water park is still lacking in modern water style water slides. Adding the popular 6 slide towers at several Cedar Fair parks (as pictured above) will help bring Canada’s Wonderland up to modern level terms.

Knott’s: Water Park Expansion (already confirmed)

Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/ City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott's Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

Photo: Knott’s Berry Farm/City of Buena Park, CA

It has been already confirmed that Knott’s Berry Farm will add 7 new slides to their water park, Knott’s Soak City. To see the plans, click here. Pacific Spin, a Tornado slide, will be getting removed so a new constrictor style slide can be added in. As predicted above, Pacific Spin will go to Cedar Point. I don’t think anything will go in the dry park.

California’s Great America: Vortex Turns Into a Floorless Coaster


This was rumored to occur in 2016, but California’s Great America ended up getting Mass Effect 4D. With both Vortex coasters (at Carowinds and California’s Great America), this could mean that Cedar Fair could possibly get a discount on the new trains, allowing some other funds to go towards other parks for other additions.

Valleyfair: Star Flyer in Enterprise spot (already confirmed)

A permit was found showing that Valleyfair is adding a Star Flyer in the spot of Enterprise, which is closing on August 21st. After the issues Cedar Fair had with the WindSeekers, it’s not surprising to see them go with a Star Flyer. They’re more thrilling than WindSeekers. Although the capacity is way lower than the WindSeekers, Valleyfair’s attendance isn’t as high as other Cedar Fair parks.

Photo: Six Flags Over Georgia

As pictured above, Six Flags Over Georgia also removed their Enterprise to put in a Star Flyer in 2013. It definitely will fit well and offer a great addition to Valleyfair’s lackluster skyline.

Worlds of Fun: Troika and Condor (already confirmed), Sky Roller and a Frisbee, Winterfest announced early 2017

Announcement on August 18th 12 PM EST!

We already know that Worlds of Fun is getting a Troika and Condor from Europe.

However, the park has sent out invites to the media for Thursday’s announcement saying they have 4 big expansions. With no land clearing going on, a new coaster is definitely not coming to Worlds of Fun. With 4 things coming, and us knowing 2 things right now, looks like 2 more flat rides are going to come to Worlds of Fun. A frisbee and sky roller would definitely be unique to the area.

Also, it was mentioned in the 2nd quarter Cedar Fair conference call that 3 Cedar Fair parks will be getting Winterfest in 2017. One park that would be a great candidate is Worlds of Fun. They have decent winter climate and lots of rides that would be able to operate in December. Worlds of Fun  would be able to compete with Six Flags St. Louis and Silver Dollar City’s holiday events.  However, this announcement will probably be made in early 2017, not on August 20th, as the park wants to have as much interest as possible.

Dorney: Return of Bumper Cars and Iceberg, Bowl Slide in Water Park with kaleidoscope effects 

Announcement on August 18th at 9:15 AM EST!

Dorney posted a photo of a sheet of paper with 3 bullets. With the 3 bullets, it’s assumed that Dorney will get 3 additions in 2017. The park has stressed on making new memories.

The park posted this poll on twitter asking people what ride they missed the most. Bucket of Blood is a dark ride and Iceberg is a set of indoor teacups.

The park posted a photo on facebook about the bumper cars. Knowing that Cedar Fair has lately been on a streak of returning classic rides to the parks, a set of Bumper Cars would be a great addition to Dorney. (Plus, what would be a park without bumper cars?)

Another great idea of returning a classic ride is Iceberg. Dorney could get a set of classic tea cups and put it indoors. It’d be a great addition.

The last idea is strange. Dorney posted a video the other day with their water park in the background with some kaleidscope effects. What if Dorney added a new water slide (like a bowl slide) and add some kaleidoscpe effects in the bowl area (similar to what Wet n’ Wild Orlando did with their bowl slide.) It would be unique and help with the long lines in their water park. Would this really happen? Probably not, but that’s the fun part about predictions.

Michigan’s Adventure: New Flat Ride (Sky Roller??)

Michigan’s Adventure hasn’t gotten much in the past couple of years. Personally, it doesn’t seem like the park will get anything new, but if they do, it might be a small flat ride, like a sky roller. The sky roller will help bring the crowds in, and are relatively cheap (around $2-$4 million).

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