Kings Dominion Announces Halloween Haunt 2016 Details

Doswell, VA— The creatures from your worst nightmares have made their way back to the midways of Kings Dominion for the not-so-sweet 16th season of Halloween Haunt. The frightful fun kicks off on Friday, September 30. Guests who are brave enough can enjoy nine mazes, six scare zones plus several live shows. If that isn’t enough fun, get your thrill fix on more than 20 rides, including Intimidator™ 305 and the all-new Delirium, as fog and darkness blanket the park.

The horrors grow to epic proportions at Halloween Haunt as Kings Dominion introduces two brand new mazes and two all-new shows:


ImagePhoto: Kings Dominion

It’s always Halloween on Hemlock Lane. The story picks up where the Fairy Tales ended – this clan of distraught witches were given a new start in this very special halfway house for wayward souls. Throughout the years the residents have worked to make their new home a welcoming place for their next victims. It’s time to find out if a treat is in your future or if it’s all just an evil trick.


Are you frightened of the monster that lurks under your bed? Do you ever have the feeling that something bad is about to happen? Are you worried that there is a boogie man in the closet? The things that go bump in the night are waiting for you in this darkness filled realm of nightmares. Will anyone be there to hear you scream? What you can’t see might hurt you… and in this case it will!

The Bone Collectors

Get a taste of the French Quarter with our New Orleans-inspired brass band. The Bone Collectors are leading our last rites in this unique ceremony for the newly departed. Presented nightly on the Grande Bandstand, we will also have special appearances throughout the park.

The Overlord’s Resurrection
The Overlord is back and spookier than ever in this new rendition of his resurrection that is sure to send shivers down your spine! Each evening as the clock strikes 7:00, he will summon his minions from the shadows and unleash them into the night to terrorize the most unsuspecting guests. Presented nightly at the Grande Bandstand on International Street.

Test your limits and experience fear beyond your worst nightmares with several new Skeleton Key experiences! In this test of ultimate bravery, guests can unlock an exclusive room located within five of our scare zones where they will come face to face with terror in tight spaces, uncomfortable situations and unforgettable dark encounters. These rooms are designed to test the boundaries of their worst fears. Skeleton Key is exclusive to Fright Lane, which can be purchased online.

Monsters descend upon the park each night of Haunt at 7 p.m. during the Overlord’s Resurrection as he calls forth all of his minions and sends them out into the night.

Halloween Haunt attractions operate every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from September 30th through October 30. Guests can get the most up-to-date hours of operation by Haunt is included with park admission.

Kings Dominion is also proud to offer family friendly events on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Great Pumpkin Fest, a daytime Halloween event, includes delightful surprises hiding around every corner, from a petting zoo to a pumpkin painting patch. The Great Pumpkin Fest has fun for the whole family to enjoy together. It’s trick or treat, with just the treats. The Great Pumpkin Fest runs Saturdays and Sundays from September 24 through October 30.

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