Six Flags Over Texas Joker Construction Update #2


Six Flags Over Texas has officially announce that The Joker will be coming to Gotham City in Spring of 2017. The Joker is a 4th Dimension Coaster, designed by S&S. The track is fabricated by Rocky Mountain Construction. Check out the announcement video from Six Flags Over Texas!


The Joker will be located in the the back area of “New Gotham” in the parking lot of the old and abandoned Six Flags Strip Mall. This will be located next to the CatWoman Whip and Riddler Revenge. The location is perfect, as the public will be able to see this ride from the nearby Interstate 30, and from the street leading into the park’s front gate. As they say, “Location. Location. Location.”


Prior to the announcement on September 1st, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement from this construction site. You can see our first construction update here. Now we know that the ride will be placed in the area in front of the mall, which used to be the parking lot.

So you’re probably wondering, “What’s going on at the site now?” Well, you’re in luck, because I went by the park yesterday. Let’s take a look!img_1505

Right now, it looks like they have finished the pluming work they had been doing on the site. The ground has been somewhat graded and leveled and the tress in the area have been trimmed.


Looking closer, square holes have been cut into the existing concrete for footers.


From this angle you can get a closer view of the cut holes. After this, holes will be dug for footers and the ride should be going vertical pretty quick.


The temporary fence in front of the mall has been taken down. Here’s a closer look at the parking lot space. The water was caused by some rain that had come through the area the previous day.


One final look into the site looking towards the end of the strip mall looking towards Interstate 30.

In the next couple of weeks we hope to see some continual progression on the construction site, especially some rumored parts that maybe showing up soon. The park is hoping to open the ride by Spring Break. Soon enough riders will be head over heels in North Texas! We will keep you posted as new updates are available from Six Flags Over Texas.

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