R.I.P Mean Streak!


photo credit: CPRUNDOWN


On October 24, 1990, the name of Mean Streak was all the buzz in the amusement park industry. That was the day that Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, revealed the name of the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world. The new record breaker would open to the public on May 11, 1991, designed by Curtis D. Summers, and manufactured by the Dinn Corporation. These were the same designer and manufacturers of the original Texas Giant. At the time it opened it held the record for the tallest and longest drop for a wood coaster, but was surpassed by The Rattler at Fiesta Texas in just one year. So let’s get down to the stats shall we?

Height: 161FT

Drop: 155FT

Speed: 65MPH

Length: 5,427FT

Time: 3:13

The coaster had 3 trains consisting of 7  cars sitting 4 people 2 by 2. Mean Streak was also the longest coaster of any other coaster at Cedar Point. Mean Streak operated in the Frontiertown section of the park. In 1994 the first drop installed trim breaks to make the first drop a bit slower and smoother. In 2010 a small five foot section suffered a small fire, but was not a threat to the rest of the coaster.  Over the years, Mean Streak has undergone a few re-trackings. Many of the track on the first drop has been redone, which happened to many wood twister coasters of the 90’s. Guest would complain about neck and back from the force of the first drop, but if you are a wood coaster fanatic like I am, you would have praised it!.

Photo credit; cedarpoint.com

Photo credit; cedarpoint.com


On September 16, 2016, Mean Streak took it’s last run. Cedar Point really gave it a good send off, as the park had an actual funeral for the coaster, and also had a grave sight.


photo credit…CPRUNDOWN


As you can see, Mean Streak has been laid to rest. The mix of love and hate is strong, as many enthusiast have been ready for him to lay to rest for a ling time. The roughness, mixed with the unappealing layout and lack of airtime has been a reason of very small lined the last few years.  Below is a video of the funeral and the final resting of the coaster we once knew as Mean Streak, The video shows the eulogy in the background with the procession happening on film. (By the way the guy that was speaking had the initials of RMC……)  By the way, the talk in the video is pretty funny.



As we all know, Cedar Point is all about breaking records. The speculation of what is going to happen is big. Will this be the first RMC makeover for Cedar point? Will the tear it down and make an RMC wood coaster from the ground up? WILL THIS BE T-REX?? All of these things could be wrong, but I doubt it. I personally think they will tear the whole thing down and build from the ground up and build a RMC wood coaster so  they can have a wooden record coaster again, but who knows.

photo credit: CPRUNDOWN

photo credit: CPRUNDOWN

Sources have stated that the crane in the picture is from RMC. Like I said, who knows for the future, but with this being Cedar Point, I bet it will be HUGE!


POV Provided by Cedar Point.


Rest In Peace

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