Rage Of The Gargoyles at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Review


Hey there Coaster Chit Chat fans. As we all know, the coaster world has been introduced to Virtual Reality in the last few months. I know that the last few months parks have been testing it out, but I really think that between Samsung and Six Flags, they have hit a home run with Rage Of The Gargoyles. We were able to go out to Discovery Kingdom and try it out for ourselves on Kong. Now speculation was stated that the VR was being added to Kong because of the unpopularity and roughness of the ride. That being said, SFDK has made some alters to the track and to the shoulder harness to promise a much smoother ride than before. From the second you sit down to the minute you get off, the sense of comfort-ability is much better. So let’s jump into the world of Gargoyles.



There has been many upgrades of graphics and sensory that Samsung did for this experience. As you put on you mask you are taken into another world. You instantly find yourself as a fighter pilot ready to take off. You really feel like you are sitting directly in the cockpit. As you ascend the lift, the chopper revs up and starts take off. The biggest difference is that this VR is all about sensory. You no longer have to tap the mask to shoot. You simply lock your eyes on a target and it shoots for you. You also get to compete with the other people on the coaster, which makes for an incredible interactive experience. Now this is not for the faint of heart. There is blood and scary creatures flying at you left and right. I also think that since this is an invert, and gives you a much better sense of flying. Through all the flips, twist, and turns you are constantly shooting gargoyles down. This is by far incredibly realistic and fun. Its like you have entered an entirely different world.


Samsung S7


The entrance to your new world

The entrance to your new world


Chin Strap



Safety Lanyard

Safety Lanyard

Better tighten this up

Better tighten this up

All in all I think this was a great experience and a great addition added to SFDK. So if you are in the area of Discovery Kingdom, or any Six Flags featuring Rage Of The Gargoyles, I would recommend going out and kicking some Gargoyle Butt. It is tons of fun. Below is a POV of my fight with the Gargoyles. Enjoy!

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