Patriot Construction Update #1


The Blue Looks Awesome


Hey there coaster world. Jeremy here bringing you a short update for the all new Patriot at California’s Great America! If you have not heard already, Vortex is no longer. CGA announced recently that they will be transforming Vortex into a floorless coaster instead of keeping it as a stand up. As Vortex closed down just a few short weeks ago, you can see that the paint job is coming along quite nicely! The blue track and white supports look about done, and they look much better than the purple and gold combo they had going on. Patriot will be the worlds smallest floorless B&M, but I think it is a great way to get this coaster back to popularity. Most people have said that they just need to tear it down, but the coaster stands on such a small footprint so it would be hard to really build something else there. Also even though it may be small, the coaster is amazing!!! I am incredibly happy that CGA is preserving it!

The Vortex Era:


Vortex opened in 1991 as the second stand up for B&M.  At the time, Vortex was a great contender in the coaster world, with an old fashioned cork screw that everyone loves to barrel through. It also featured an amazing loop as well as some great laterals and twist. As this did open in 1991, any of the transitions are very rough, and through the years it has gotten a bit painful for the guest. You must know that this coaster is an iconic coaster, as it helped start the B&M craze! Sadly, Vortex closed down on September 5th to make way for Patriot.


We are incredibly excited that CGA is going to not only keep the coaster, but enhance it! With being a floorless coaster, the chances of the ride elements and transitions are going to be much smoother. Patriot is set to open in 2017, but with the paint job being done so fast, it looks like the only thing left is the station and the trains. Below are a few more shots that I got of the newly painted coaster. Can’t wait to ride patriot! Who is with me?



The Floor Drop Photo by: insideCGA



I am ready to ride patriot!

I am ready to ride patriot!

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