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Hey there coaster fans. Jeremy here bringing you the chills, thrills and shrills of Haunt at California’s Great America. This last Friday, the 22nd, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the Haunt media night, and discovery by first Cedar Fair Haunt!



Before I get into the Haunts, I just want to say how amazing California’s Great America did at being such an amazing host to all of us. From the amazing dinner to the amazing Haunts, it will defiantly be something I will remember forever, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back and experience the nightmare all over again.  So let’s start from the beginning!

my haunt media pass

my haunt media pass

My skeleton key!

My skeleton key!

As I walked up to the pavilion I was beaming with excitement. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I couldn’t wait to experience a new event at a park I have never experienced Halloween at! As we signed in, California’s Great America surprised us with “Fright” lane fast passes and skeleton keys to be able to make the most out of our night! As you may know, Haunt is a separate ticket price than general admission. The Fright lane passes and the skeleton keys are also extra, so I was really happy that they rolled out the red carpet for us,  and gave us the best of the best perks to be able to experience Haunt.

Once we entered the park, we were guided to the short lived Fear VR.



The reason I said short lived is because it was pulled from CGA and Knotts because of issues with it possibly offending people with mental issues. (which i think is a little much, but it was not the parks fault) Anyway, Fear VR was set around a hospital gone wrong. There was a patient there that went on a rampage being able to kill people with her mind. As you walk in the door you are greeted by some very disturbing nurses that show you a video of the backstory of the hospital. You are then taken into the exam room where the feeling of anxiety surrounds you.

The Exam Room

The Exam Room

As you can see it is set up just like a hospital wing. There are four areas on each side for you to be able to get you exam done. You are then escorted to a wheelchair where the nurse sits you down.

The Chair!

The Chair!

She then proceeded to tie your arms down to the chair. After that process she puts on the VR mask and the headphones. By this point you are freaking out so much that it was literally hard to breathe!  The nurse then appears in the VR to tell you that your procedure will be fine, and they put you under anesthesia. (Not really but there is a blast of air on your arm that almost feels like they are putting in the needle. Believe me it was crazy as all get out.) You then venture off into the world of the hospital as this girl is killing everyone inside, and you are abandoned and restricted to a wheel chair. Your nurse then pushes you onto an elevator, but as the door closes you witness the brutal death of your nurse…your only way out… You then realize you will never get out alive. The VR was incredible life like, and very scary. Unfortunately the state of California has shut it down. This was an upcharge so I don’t really understand as it was your decision to participate as it was not included in the Haunt.

My nurse may look nice, but dont let that fool you!

My nurse may look nice, but dont let that fool you!

The Mazes!

The first maze that we ventured to was Wax Museum, Chamber of Horrors! img_0269

This maze is themed after a classic wax museum  where the wax figures have come to life. The actors portrayed such people as Jack the Ripper, Cleopatra, and many historical murderers within the haunt. I think CGA did a great job with this maze, as there were a few actors that I could not tell if they were wax or real!

The next maze that we made it around to was Zombie High!


Zombie High was themed after a high school filled with zombies. This was obviously one of the popular mazes as the set up is amazing. As you walk through the halls of the zombie filled high school, you realize that you may be the next entree in the lunch room. As zombies pop out of lockers and from under desk, you find yourself begging for the school bell to ring to signal that the day is over. Don’t get caught in dentition, because you may never make it out alive!

Next up, the Toy Factory.

Toy Factory is you worse child hood nightmares coming to life. This was a favorite of mine! As you walk through the evil toy factory, there is a nice peppy child like song as toys are asking you to play with them. It is sick and twisted once you realize the toys dont want to play…they want to kill you!

Roadhouse Roadkill!img_0334

Roadhouse Roadkill was tons of fun. You go in for the food, and realize you may become the main course.


Now this haunt by far was my favorite. You find yourself in a maze in the cornfields. You are getting deeper into the fields only to see that there is something hiding in the stalks of corn. You never know when they may come out to get you. This was bar far the creepiest, but I don’t want to give too much away! You will just have to experience the cornfield yourself.

Next up was Insanitarium.img_0381

This haunt was themed in a mental hospital with the before and after of the 1905 earthquake. As you walk through this maze you begin to wonder yourself if you have become crazy, as it repeats itself over and over. Tons of fun but very out there.

Next we ventured to Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor.



This was a great maze, and the most authentic to an old school haunt. As you walk through the manor you see the evil of voodoo power in a rich and grand New Orleans mansion!  Great acting and great classic scares!

Last but not least was Dia De Los Muertos.


This was the most unique haunt as it really had no scare factor, but was enchanting with the colors. We also walked through the house with 3d glasses as the paint was all 3d. Very cool and so fun to look at. Next we were able to check out the 3 scare zones CGA has.

Lockdown, an area with huge metal crates and tons of fog for actors to hide.

Evacuate, which was themed after an abandoned highway where cars were left to rot, and so were the people. With tons of fog and tons of cars it was hard to see a few feet in front of you! Great zone and amazing lighting to go along with it!

Killer Clown Town was a small town ruled by sick demented clowns. As the streets were set up with side shows, you watched in amazement, but watch from afar or you might be the next victim! img_0378img_0322img_0312




Is as If 8 haunted attractions, and 3 scare zones were not enough, CGA through in a skeleton key for us. If you buy a fright lane plus pass you well get a chance to endure the skeleton key rooms and try to escape with your life. As each room is just one room, I will not elaborate anymore as I don’t want to give anything away.

I hope everyone gets a chance to experience Haunt at CGA, and enjoy it as much as I did! they did an amazing job this year! you know I would leave just a few more pictures that I would like to show!! Have a spooktacular Halloween season coaster fans!


Photo. Inside CGA


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