Six Flags Over Texas The Joker Construction Update #4


This past weekend I stopped by Six Flags Over Texas to check up on The Joker construction. It was the final weekend for Fright Fest and the crowds showed up to park in hordes. It was so crowded I had to park way back in the back of the second parking lot. But every cloud has a silver lining, because in the back parking lot, the park is storing some of the RMC track for the new coaster. But we’ll get to those pictures in a bit. Also the back parking lot offered some great views of Titan.


Lets dive into those construction pics, shall we? Hands up!! Here we Go!!!!


Last time we were here there was a lot more concrete from the old parking lot that was here. Well that has all been dug up and now is just a flat dirt lot. Poking up from the dirt we can see five concrete footers with bolts attached ready to secure the ride structure.


The footers are molded with sold concrete and rebarb. As you can see it takes a lot of bolts to secure this coaster that stands 120 feet in the air.


The bolts are covered to protect them from the elements until the ride structure pieces are attached.


The rest of the construction site has a lot of dirt being moved around. More concrete is being pulled up and carried away. In just a few months this whole area will look totally different. Whoa! Riddler Revenge Photo Bomb!

Keeping on “track” here, let’s take a look at what RMC has dropped off.


So RMC has been busy at fabricating the track for The Joker. As seen here there is a lot more track onsite at the park then previously reported.


Owwwww curvy goodness!


These straight pieces might be for the loading station or the lift.


Six Flags Over Texas has track for days. I like how they are laid next to their partnering track. Helps keep everything organized.


More curvy track for the mid section of the ride.


These longer curved pieces will be for the mid section before the last raven drop.


It’s like the best Erector Set you’ve ever had. Am I showing my age?


This ride get’s an A+ in my book!


Here’s a look at the other pile of Joker track on the other side of the parking lot.


Which will be your favorite side to ride, Purple or Green?


I can’t wait to see these track pieces in the air.


Back over to the construction site you can see where the footers will be placed and where the ride will be erected.


This ride will draw a lot of attention from the street and adjacent highway. Just on the other side of those bushes is the side walk. You won’t be able to miss this awesome ride!


This is the two end footers closest to Riddler Revenge toward the other end of the construction zone.


We will end this construction update with a action shot of Riddler Revenge. This Villain will soon have a neighbor, The Joker, which we hope to see go vertical very soon! We will keep you posted from Six Flags Over Texas as construction progresses. I’m still hearing, The Joker, should be open by the week of Spring Break. With as much track is on site, I don’t see why the park couldn’t hit that date. We can’t wait to spin head over heels on New Gotham’s newest Villain, The Joker!

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  1. Jeff says:

    The Joker coasters are S&S, not RMC

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