Six Flags Over Texas The Joker Construction Update #5


This past Holiday weekend we went by Six Flags Over Texas to check out Holiday In The Park. This year was advertised as one on the brightest years of all time, so we were very excited to see all the dazzling lights. Before the sun went down and the lights went up, we swung by The Joker construction site to check on the progress on the new ride.

In the past month we had seen that the track had been delivered, and stored in the back parking lot of the park. On the site itself we saw some dirt being moved, holes dug for footers, and concrete footers poured. Other than that we haven’t seen much more. Well, there has definietly been more progress. Let’s take a look!


We were told that the footers would need approximately 30 days to cure before attaching the supports.  Well, we must be getting close, because the Green and Purple supports have been delivered to the site.


“The supports were stacked on the construction site with care, in hopes the time for The Joker to go vertical, would soon be near.”


These supports will be for the base of the ride and side supports. Each side will either be green or purple. We are curious to see how this will look. Past models have had green and purple track with black supports. So this model should really stand out with supports and track having corresponding colors on each side. We can’t wait to see it.


Here’s a close look at the bottoms of the supports with the markings. What do they man?


Moving over to the other side of the construction site where the strip mall is located, we noticed something peculiar, the shopping mall is being demolished.


The whole left side of the strip mall is completely torn down.


With this side of building gone, this site will possibly house an additional attraction coming in 2017. If the rumors are true, I think it will be a great addition to this area of the park. Stay tuned!


Gotham City has just gotten a lot bigger! Soon, Batman and The Joker will go head to head to take over control of the thrills in Gotham City!


Here is one last look at the over all left side of the construction site. This is closest to CatWoman Whip and The Riddler Revenge. This are is where the entrance of The Joker will be and the queue will start. In the back there is where that mysterious additional 2017 attraction might go!

So ‘That’s All Folks…’ for now. We will continue to keep you updated on the construction progress. Click here for our previous construction update. We hope to see The Joker Free Fly Coaster go vertical very soon. I have been told that most and or all of the coaster pieces have arrived at the park, including the trains.

Thank you for checking out The Joker Construction Update!

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