Six Flags Over Texas The Joker Construction Update #6


Happy Holidays Coaster Chit Chat Fans. We are here to bring you some exciting news from Six Flags Over Texas. The Joker Free Fly Coaster is now vertical! We stopped by the park last night to check out the progress and we were surprised to see supports sticking up. With such a small, compact footprint, this ride shouldn’t take very long to assemble. Lets just hope that the weather cooperate this Winter, but then again this is Texas and the weather here is unpredictable.


The first pieces of the support structure have been installed. Each side will have either green or purple supports, which I think looks great! The “L” supports will be holding up the station track.


These pieces of track will be for the end of the last break run and return back into the station.


The main supports have not yet been installed, but will be attached to this footer. This will hold up the highest sections of track, along with the mid height sections too.


In the back of the construction site is some more pieces of track most  likely being used for the station. This could also be the pieces being used to curve up to the lift hill.


It looks to me like the middle brace supports may actually be gray as opposed to the green or purple. I like this contrast in color.


In the back of the construction site, there are several pallets and crates with coaster parts in them.


A few of the crates looked to be from S&S witch is probably the motor lift or parts for the station.


Here’s a closer look at the pallets. This looks like material to build the station out of. In the back you can see the panels that look like metal roofing that will cover the loading platform.


The strip mall that was previously demolished has been completely removed. The only part that is remaining is the building on the end, which I was told use to be a Mexican Restaurant. We’ll see if this building is used for anything in the future, possible a new restaurant once the new attraction(s) open up.


Looking a bit closer to the back of the construction site, behind CatWoman Whip, there appears to be some land grading. This is mostly likely where the new additional attraction will be placed. We must also state the park has not yet announced another attraction, and at this point is only speculation. That being said, there is an awful lot of room in this area. We’ll keep an eye out to see if anything further develops.

Well, this was just a quick update, and at this point all we have right now, but stay tuned, as  I’m sure this new construction project will be moving forward very quickly towards completion. I’m hearing through the grapevine that the park may be shooting to open the new ride as soon as Opening Weekend, but with the weather in Texas, there is no way to know how challenging our Winter will be. If the weather cooperates, North Texans, may soon be flying high, head over heels, here at Six Flags Over Texas on the all new Joker Free Fly Roller Coaster!

Thank you for checking out The Joker Construction Update!

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