Sea World San Antonio Wave Breaker Construction Update #1


Welcome to the first construction update for Sea World San Antonio’s Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster. Wave Breaker is a double launch coaster designed by Intamin with speeds up to 44 mph and 2,600 feet of track.


Each train will hold 8 coaches, with 2 riders per coach. Each coach is designed to look like a jet ski, allowing guests to become part of the  SeaWorld Rescue Team and simulate a thrilling animal rescue experience


Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster – will be the first ride in the SeaWorld portfolio that speaks to the company’s rescue mission.  Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster is inspired by the SeaWorld Rescue Team and its efforts, which have helped to rescue and rehabilitate more than 28,000 animals over the company’s 50 year history.





The height requirement for this ride is 48 in, which is great for those young Rescuers.


As of right now the lake has been dammed up to allow construction crews to drive to the bottom of the lake. This way they can start drilling footers for the supports.


The construction has just started on the lake bed for the new coaster. With track arriving, I’m sure we will see some vertical supports very soon.


We are looking forward to riding this awesome coaster, Wave Breaker, this summer. To stay up to date on the construction,  stay tuned as we will be following the construction as it continues throughout the Winter and Spring. Thank you for checking out out latest construction update from Sea World San Antonio.

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