Lake Compounce Off Season Update #1

Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut is known for being the oldest amusement park in America; and in 2017 will be updating a classic coaster. We had the chance to go check out the park with ACE on 1/29/17. So lets jump on in. Wildcat is a Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters wooden coaster opened in 1927 and became a Ace landmark in 2008.


Some retracking of Wildcats main turn around


Some retracking of some of Wildcats bunny hills

Here’s a close up of Wildcats retracking

In 2017 Wildcat will receive some retracking from Martin & Vleminckx along with Brand New GCI Millennium flier trains.


Wildcat Millennium Flyer Train Photo Content : Lake Compounce


Wildcat Millennium Flyer Train Photo Content : Lake Compounce

But wait Martin & Vleminckx is not just improving Wildcat but they will also be retracking and reprofiling the award winning Boulder Dash. Yes you heard me right reprofiling. Recently Boulder Dash has become unbearably rough. Boulder Dash’s triple up element has entirely been removed and will receive a new double up element design by the famous Alan Schilke.

Here’s is were the New Double Up will go

Boulder Dash’s triple up has been entirely removed

Bolder Dash missing some track with the park in the background

Boulder Dash’s Double Down

Work is also taking place to replace and improve the guns and technology on the park’s shooting dark ride Ghost Hunt.

Ghost Hunt

Here are some photos of some of the rides that are under yearly maintenance siting still wait for you to enjoy them this summer.

Phobia’s Launch covered up for the winter

Phobia sitting quiet waiting to Phear guests in 2017

Revolution not doing revolutions

Kidde land taking a nap over winter

Pirate without its water

Close up of Phobia waiting to Phear riders in 2017

Zoomerang and Dinos taken a little hibernation

American Flyers without it’s cars

Phobia reaching for the sky

Thank you to (ACE)America Coaster Enthusiasts and Jerry Brick and the team at Lake Compounce for inviting us out. Thanks for reading and remember to Ride On!

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