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Hey there coaster fans. Jeremy here bringing you all things Galactic Attack. Yesterday, the 18th, I was able to go out to Discovery Kingdom and experience the all new Galactic Attack VR experience on Kong. As I have done all the other VR’s, I do have to say that this is the most immersive experience yet. So let’s get into the this Galactic word.

New entrance sign.

From Kong to Galactic Attack!

 Once the Samsung S7 VR headset is in place, you see already a very different look than the previous VR set ups. You can see the real world around you as well as weapon information, and a countdown. As you ascend the lift you notice a wormhole opening up, and you literally feel like you go from one world to anther as you enter the wormhole. Once inside the wormhole, the world around you is gone, and you are fully submersed into another galaxy. This experience zooms you around space, aliens, and other fighter pilots fighting to stay alive. Once again you are able to lock onto a target with you eyes and shoot. Since the setting of the attack is in space, you really feel like nothing but space is below you. This effect is magnified on Kong as the coaster is suspended, so you really feel like your legs are just dangling in space. You are also able to really interact with the person you are riding with as well! Samsung has really outdone themselves with the graphics and the world they send you to. Going from the everyday world to another with a wormhole was absolute genius on Samsung’s behalf. I know there are tons of VR sceptics out there, but I think this experience will really change the mind of others once they experience Galactic Attack. Galactic Attack opens to the public on February 20th, but Six Flags had a sneak preview for guest who brought a bag of canned foods to the park Saturday and Sunday to help stop hunger!  Below I will leave you with a reverse POV and also some extra footage that the park gave us so you can have a sneak peak into this Galactic world.

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