Six Flags Over Texas The Joker Construction Update # 6

We recently got the opportunity to tour The Joker Construction site at Six Flags Over Texas. I have to say, I haven’t been by the park since track has been installed, and I was taken back at how awesome this massive ride looks. Driving up to the park, this coaster towers over the nearby street and welcomes guests to the most thrilling park in North Texas! From there you really can’t visually see the whole coaster until you walk into Gotham City, inside the park, and see this giant looming in the back drop.

Where are all the good guys? Gotham is really starting to look Villainous. The Villains are taking over!!

Now that you’ve heard all about how awesome this new coaster looks from the outside of the park, let’s get a closer look.

To start off the tour, lets take a look at the trains. The park has set these in a line along the back area of the construction site nearest Batman.

Here’s a look at the back of the seat.

I really love the look of the colors of these trains. Here’s a side and front view.

These seats are using a strap shoulder restraint as appose to the rubber ones at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Edit: I’m being told that the coaster will in fact use the same rubber restraints, but they just aren’t currently installed because of the concern of getting damanged before the trains are installed.

Owww Mechanical Goodness.

Here’s a side view of the train. The rust that’s visible is normal due to the untreated metal being exposed to the elements. The minor rust will be removed and treated.

The construction workers took a ten minute break while we were looking around the site. They had previously had been working on the lift. The chain had not been installed yet.

Edit: The Lift Chain has been installed. Hopefully we see some testing soon.

Every single agle of this ride looks incredible. Its a perfect fir for this area of the park .

They had the chassis loaded on the transfer track.

Along with the chassis, they had one total train put together and loaded on the transfer track.

an additional structure looks to be in the beginning stages of construction. This is in front of the transfer track.

The operator booth is coming along very nicely.

Moving over to the remaining portion of the strip mall, it doesn’t look like a lot of work is being done at this time. I was told that this area will be fenced off before the opening of the ride.

In front of one of the old stores, there was a pallet of parts and a portion of the lift chain.

Bolts and chains, OH MY! 

With this area of Gotham open up now, you get some incredible views of Batman. I know that there will be a fence going up at some point and  I don’t know if this view will be blocked or not. But for now it was really cool to see this side of Batman.


That wraps up this construction update for now. We will keep you posted on additional construction progress. As of Saturday the chain for the lift was not installed, so testing hasn’t started yet. The queue still needs to be built and the new retail shop. There will also be a new churro stand built to the right of The Joker. With lots more to do this ride is expected to open around Memorial Day. Thanks for checking out this construction update.

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