InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Is Now Open

Photo Credit: Jason D.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (April 7, 2017) – A horde of Viking invaders marched into Busch Gardens® Williamsburg on Friday and christened InvadR™, the park’s first wooden roller coaster.

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

An official opening ceremony included a surprise twist when Busch Gardens President David Cromwell’s speech was interrupted by a group of Viking actors led by Magnus The Red.

“It is a day for the brave! A day for the bold! It is a day for the Vikings!” Magnus declared during the “invasion.”

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

He later urged his followers, some draped in war paint, capes, weapons and shields, to be among the first to ride InvadR. The invading group included members of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula; Fenvald Vikings living history group of Virginia Beach; and select fans who voted online in choosing the name and other elements.

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Park guests also followed Magnus to the ride platform, where they lined up to experience the thrills of Busch Gardens’ eighth roller coaster, located in New France village.

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

InvadR packs a lot of excitement with a 74-foot drop, nine air-time hills, two tunnels and speeds reaching nearly 50 miles per hour, Cromwell said.

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

He added that the park has a number of award-winning coasters, each offering a unique ride experience guests will only get at Busch Gardens.

Photo Credit: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

“InvadR undoubtedly will continue that tradition,” Cromwell said. “With a 46-inch height requirement, InvadR is designed as a true family attraction. It’s perfect for children ready to ride their first big coaster – a ‘Ride of Passage,’ if you will. But trust me, this is a big-time thrill.”

Here is a POV of the ride experience:

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