Wonder Woman update #1: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Hey the coaster world. Jeremy here bringing you all things Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has really outdone themselves on how fast they are getting this attraction up. Located right between the Joker and Superman ultimate flight, wonder woman is going to give you breathtaking views and head over hills excitement. If you don’t know already, Wonder Woman is a Zamperla “Giant” frisbee. You and 40 others will be able to climb aboard the giant disc and swing back and forth while rotating counter clockwise. You will go out further than vertical up to 147 feet in the air with speeds reaching 70 mph! I was fortunate enough to try the one out in Texas, Riddler, and believe me, Northern California is in for a treat! Just a few short weeks ago I went to see the progress and this is what I got.

A few weeks ago we were just looking at a pile of dirt. That’s why when I went last week I was amazed on how far they have come. Here are some of the construction photos that I took.

She is huge! Picture taken on the entrance path.

If you choose not to ride the bus from the parking lot you’ll see along the path where Wonder Woman will be swinging. Located in between superman and the Joker, wonder woman will swing out over the entry pathway right over the guest. This will look amazing at night assuming this has just as good of a light show or better than Riddler down in Texas.

And this next picture you will see that one of the actual footers goes over the pathway and into the bus lane. Likely only the bus is allowed to drive in that area, but that is how far out Wonder Woman will be. I got the bus in the picture so you all can have a better understanding of how far she is placed.


Al the way out to the street.

Wonder Woman is set to open on May, 28th! I will leave you with a few more pictures of what I was able to get. I am hoping that I can get some testing shots asap!. I hope you are all as excited as I am to ride!

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