Knott’s Soak City Construction Tour: 05/16/17

Last year, at the opening ceremonies for GhostTown75, regional Vice President of Cedar Fair Entertainment Raffi Kaprelyan and brand new General Manager of Knott’s Berry Farm Jon Storbeck announced the plans for a massive expansion and upgrade for Knott’s Soak City for 2017.  YES, it is massive.

To start, Knott’s purchased 2 acres of land, (yes, they found two acres in Orange County) so they could move parking spaces to allow for the expansion.  The plan was to add two new ride installments, with seven new slides.  The park now is 15 acres, with 23 speed and tube body slides.  Plans also included remodeling Longboard’s Grill, additional seating, and additional cabanas.

On Tuesday, May 16th Knott’s invited the media and bloggers to join them for a construction tour.  It was overcast, and the first impression I had was that there was still a lot to do.  However, once I got in and looked around, I realized that Knott’s was really on top of this, everything was fully functional, and it was just a matter of cleaning up from the construction and opening the gates.  Opening day is May 20th, and the forecast is for a hot, sunny day.  It will be amazing!

The Entry:

I had never been to Soak City before, but our tour guide explained that the parking lot basically went all the way to the gate.  The new entry is a spacious path, lined with lush greens and flowers.  The gates themselves have been repainted, and, as at all Cedar Fair Parks, metal detectors have been installed.  All guest and employees must pass through the safety devices.

The new entry fountain will feature jets in multiple patterns. It is large, and quite impressive. I can’t wait to see the fountain filled. The large graphic in the background was preserved, as many families have a tradition of taking yearly photos in front of it.

Fresh paint and green lush grass was abundant throughout the park.  Twenty new planters, landscaping, and flowers have transformed this park into a thing of beauty.  The expansion includes twenty new cabanas, seating areas with lounge chairs, as well as three refreshment stations for guest enjoyment.

Improvements to Existing Amenities

The sparkling Sunset River, at one-third mile in length, is one of the widest and longest water park lazy rivers in the world. Pictured here, with the children’s themed area Gremmie Lagoon in the background, a whimsical yellow submarine and inviting chase lounges await families. It is crisp, clean and ready to go.

Freshly repainted and renamed to RK’s Beach House in honor of Raffi Kaprelyan, hours of fun await families of all ages. The Beach House features three stories of hands on fun, including interactive water guns, nozzles, faucets and other surprises. A giant water bucket dumps 500 gallons of water every five minutes.

Longboard’s Grill is completely remodeled, designed to accommodate two serving lines. The right serving line has an extra line to the refreshment refill station. There will not be any indoor seating, but a large, shaded outdoor dining area is being added.

The Shore Break:  What We Have All Been WAITING For.

One of the two new slide complexes is the Shore Break.  Featuring four Aqua Launch chambers, riders will enjoy an adrenaline filled water adventure.

The view from below………

The entire complex is reached from one stair case.  First, riders will reach the dueling tube slides, which will have riders zipping through adventurous drops and turns.


It is really impressive ……….

At the top of the tower are the four Aqua Launch Chambers.  And an amazing view.

A good part of Soak City. the Museum, and Ghost Rider are just some of the views to be enjoyed while you await your destiny on Shore Break Tower.


The four brightly colored Aqua Launchers got my adrenaline rushing just looking at them. Guest will anxiously await the chamber’s floor dropping from beneath their feet, sending them on a high speed free fall down a 60 foot tall tube and through a series of exhilarating drops and daring loops.


The view from the top, and over to The Wedge.

The end of the ride…………the Aqua Launcher landings.

The Wedge:  Family Fun

This just looks like fun for the entire family. Parties of two to six riders, (1000 pound total weight limit per raft) will descend down the twist, turns and unexpected dips into a sparkling splash pool at the bottom.

The Wedge is very visible from the entrance to Soak City.

The sparkling splash pool exit.

Shooting off the slide come two of the lifeguards providing us with a great opportunity to see The Wedge in action.

The riders make their way off the raft.

Knott’s Soak City opens this Saturday, May 20th.   Admission is included on your Knott’s Berry Farm Gold Pass, or your Cedar Fair Platinum pass.

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