Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth

Hey there coaster fans! Jeremy here bringing you all things Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth. We were able to get the chance to venture out to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this last weekend to experience the preview of Wonder Woman, and it is just fantastic. Wonder Woman is a Zamperla Giant Discovery (Giant Frisbee). You and 39 of your closest friends can climb aboard the giant like Frisbee and experience tons of air time, G-Forces and speeds up to 70 MPH! Wonder Woman stands at 125ft but swings beyond vertical up to 150ft! If you are unaware, Riddler at Six flags Over Texas opened last year. With it being one of longest lines, and most popular ride in the park, this was a great move for Discovery Kingdom to add to their line up! I will also say that I am incredibly impressed on how fast the park got this ride up! Wonder Woman squeezes in between Joker and Superman as the park continues to grow the DC area. Believe me when I say that this was one tight fit. The park had to reposition the ride via computer before they could finally start putting the concrete down for the footers. This was not an easy task. Wonder Woman is literally wedged between these rides, as even on of the footers goes out into the lane where the Discovery Kingdom bus drives. So this is literally going over people as they drive and walk up to the park. The theming is also amazing from the line all the way to the station!

Opening ceremony with Wonder Woman herself!

As you can see from the picture of the opening ceremonies, Discovery Kingdom did a circular Wonder Woman emblem on the ground, which seems to work well for them as they have done this with  Joker and Superman.

Another look at the entrance.

This whole area was a pile of dirt less than a month ago it seems like!


As you can see there is a hint of a Greek theming with the pillars and the stone replica of Wonder Woman herself.

Wonder Woman!

Here is a closer look at the replica herself!

Wonder Woman opened May 28th to the public, so get out to Discovery Kingdom and take your flight on Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth today! Below I will leave you with two POV’s, which includes and on ride POV and more pictures of this amazing ride!

Reaching up beyond vertical!

Total airtime machine!

Perfectly placed!


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  1. Coaster Labs says:

    It’s really great and exciting to see that they are really starting to make an effort to theming. Little by little, little things here and there. It seems the whole park is going in a nice new direction, and I love it. 😀 Also they now hand paint the emblems which is good. (seems they’ve learned their lesson after the Joker one lasted only a month before it was ruined) Lots of rides and games got some much needed TLC like Scatabout got some canopies, Boomerang got a new shingle roof, (VooDoo had more dust added to it ;P ) and The Joker got a ADA ramp and some near by games got some new paint, as well as V2 just reopened and I hear it’s much better.
    Now about the Joker teeth…

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