The Joker at Six Flags New England Now Open!

Ha Ha Ha

The Joker Here. DJ Here. Six Flags New England invited us out on 5/31/17 to check out their new diabolical coaster The Joker.

The Joker

Standing at 120 ft(12 stories) tall and 1,019 ft long with a max speed of 38 mph, The Joker is a S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster. The ride might be small but it packs a punch with its diabolic and unpredictable inversions like The Joker himself.

Close up on The Joker’s sign

Instead of the track doing the inversions the actual ride vehicle does. This makes the ride a 4D coaster by adding another dimension to the experience.

A view of The Joker’s ride vehicle coming back to the station.

With the rotating seats you get a different experience each time unless you have the same people in the car with you the next time. The only thing controlling you are some magnets thru out the ride.

Close up of the ride vehicle about to go over some magnets.

During the event I had the chance to experience The Joker and its diabolical ways twice. The ride is very fun, and intense. It offers a cool sensation with the rotating seats, and also offers a unique view of the park.

The Joker

The Joker is a unique experience to the region and is a perfect addition to Six Flags New England’s coaster line up. As the park president John Winkler said this year is the biggest investment since the park became Six Flags New England. With the addition of The Joker 4D Free Fly Coaster, New trains on Mind Eraser with Galactic Attack mixed reality experience, and coming this winter Holiday In The Park.

The Joker’s entrance

We would like to Thank Six Flags New England for inviting us out to experience The Joker. We would also like to congratulate them on the fantastic new 13th coaster to the “Coaster Capital of New England”. If you are ever in the New England area I highly recommend stopping by Six Flags New England to experience The Joker and the rest of the Coaster line up including Wicked Cyclone and Superman The Ride.

2 of the parks villainous coasters The Joker and Gotham City Gauntlet.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Ride On.

Here’s off-Ride video from the park showing The Joker’s craziness

Opening Ceremony Video: Coming Soon

Reverse POV: Coming Soon

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