Red, White and Brews at California’s Great America!

Hey there coaster fans. Jeremy here bringing you all things Red, White and Brews! If you have yet to go out to see the Red, White and Brews festival, you still have one day to go, and I highly recommend going. This is just the beginning of bigger and better things for California’s Great America! Believe me when I say that this was the absolute best event I have ever been able to attend at Great America. I was incredibly blown away! From the food to the brews, and the bands to the dueling piano men, I was simply in awe at how well the park did for this event. So lets jump into some Red, White and Brews!

The Tasting Card!

Upon walking into the gate, we were presented with our tasting cards which are available for purchase in the park. They also have a similar card for the wine and been inside the park, also available for purchase. The whole event is centered around Hometown Square. With dueling pianos in the gazeebo, tasting booths around the perimeter, and a stage full of bands to round out the square. Between the food, the brews, and the music, you could spend all day in the square.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Hearts!

First up was the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Hearts. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but they were simply delicious!

Tombstone Sliders!

Next up were these amazing Tombstone Sliders. These pulled pork sliders were covered in bacon and pineapple! These were so good!


Jumbo Smoked Chicken Drums!

Next up were these awesome smoked chicken drums. The barbeque sauce was spot on too! I washed this one down with a nice IPA that the festival had to offer.


Loaded Corn on the Cob!

Now this is not any ordinary corn on the cob. This cob is loaded with parmesan cheese, red chili pepper, mayo and cilantro. This combination is the only way we are eating corn on the cob from now on!

Pulled Pork in a bun!

Now at first look this looks like some ordinary donut right? Well this simply little dish is probably one of the best little inventions ever. It is a ball of dough with pulled pork in the middle! The twinkie of the BBQ world if I might add. Here is a picture of the inside.


Genius I tell you!

Dessert anyone?

Good luck at choosing between the strawberry shortcake, and the smoked bacon apple pie!


So, if you have nothing to do tomorrow I urge you to get out to Great America for the time of your life. I know we just talked about the food, but you also get 6 drink tastings along with Great America cups for keep sakes! Below I will post a few more pictures and a couple videos from the festival.

wine and beer!

Hemp Ale! Only in Claifornia I guess!

Dueling pianos men VS. women!


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