RMC Mean Streak Update 6-8-17

Welcome to Jason, our new Cedar Point correspondent.

Hello coaster fans! I had the privilege to attend Coastermania on Friday, June 2nd at Cedar Point this year. One of the events at Coastermania is a cruise around the peninsula in the Goodtime I, and it was a perfect day for it. The cruise provided a golden opportunity to get great pictures of RMC’s progress on the Mean Streak. Lets take a look…

Here is a shot looking north. As you can see, the lift hill crossbars are significantly higher than the original.


This next picture is my FAVORITE! This is the other side of the lift hill. It appears the drop will be 90 degrees straight down! Are you kidding me? We’re looking at what could be the only wooden hyper (RIP Son of Beast) AND a dive coaster in one! This thing is really starting to look amazing.


The picture below is pretty familiar if you have been keeping up on the progress. This is the second hill in the layout, a monster parabolic air-time hill.


Below is the outside banked turn of the third hill. This leads into the twisted double up and to our first inversion just before passing under the lift hill.


Here we are looking east, the lift hill is rising from the left to right. The train will enter the inversion on the right side and travel to the left though another banked turn before banking into another inversion to the hard left.


Here, we are zoomed into the the right side, where the train comes up out of the twisted double up and the first inversion, banking hard right.


Here is another angle of the above picture, the train is coming from the right, banking right 90 degrees. You can see Mavericks air-time hill in the bottom of the picture.


Again, a picture of the same area, expect looking south. Millennium Force can be seen in the background on the left.


A zoomed in shot of the hard left bank and inversion out from under the lift hill. This is the second pass under the lift hill.

This is turning into quite possibly the best RMC we have seen yet! And that’s saying something with the likes of Twisted Colossus and Lightning Run out there already. I cannot wait until this monster opens up! Stay tuned for more updates as I continue my visits to America’s Roller Coast!

I leave you with a few more pictures of RMC Mean Streak.Enjoy!





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