Kings Dominion RMC Hurler Update #2 6-30-17

Welcome to our second update on Kings Dominion’s Iron Horse conversion of their wooden coaster Hurler into an epic hybrid coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction. Thanks to Jason D. for the photos.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

As you can see in the far left of the photo, a bent has been added, showing something potentially awesome will happen with the first turn which has been completely demolished.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

A good chunk of the lift hill has been demolished and new ledgers have been put up showing off a new super tall lift hill.

A good part of the drop has been demolished. It could be potentially for a 90-degree drop or a barell roll style drop. It’ll be exciting to see how the drop will look!

Photo Credit: Jason D.

The track of the turn between the drop and lift hill has also been demolished. It’ll be interesting to see how this particular area of the track takes shape.

Photo Credit: Jason D.

As you can see some more new wood has been added, signaling for an awesome ejector airtime hill, which is something the park drastically needs.

In this photo from KD Fans, you can see that the brake run and track inside the station also has been installed.

Here’s the latest teaser for this new ride via Kings Dominion’s twitter.

Originally, when Hurler was first built, there were 4 inversions on the park’s collection of currently operating coasters (Excluding the 1 loop inversion on the park’s old TOGO Stand Up coaster Shockwave which closed in 2015). Now, there are 17 inversions amongst the park’s array of roller coasters. Could the 20 be signaling that there are going to be 3 inversions on RMC Hurler to bring the park’s total number of inversions to 20? Also, the perpendicular sign (upside down T) could be signaling a 90-degree drop, which would be epic.

Thanks for reading this update on RMC Hurler and more will be coming soon!

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