RMC Mean Streak Update #2 – July 4 2017!

Hey coaster fans, it is time for a RMC Mean Streak update!

As you can see from the pictures, as of July 4th, progress through the break run has been completed and the curved drop out of the run has begun!

It is going to be quite a ride, we can all agree on this. Now the coaster community discussion is focusing on two things: when will Cedar Point make the official announcement, and what will it be called?

Rumors around Frontiertown swirl, and I have heard two names rising to the top of the possibilities. One name is “Stampede”, and I am not quite sure where that rumor started. Another is “Rolling Thunder”, or “Thundering Stampede”.

These names were spurred from the latest teaser video released via twitter on July 5th.

The teaser ends with the text, “they’re rolling in like thunder” with the hashtag “they’re coming”. It seems that “They’re” refers to a stampede of horses, according to what most people are guessing.

As to the announcement, who knows? The recent teaser trailer is 19 seconds long, so some are saying July 24th, as that is 19 days after the tweet. As for me, I think that is quite a stretch, but who knows?

On July 3rd, Tony Clark tweeted a picture of an empty cardboard box, stating, “I love when we approach the mid-season. We get special deliveries for upcoming surprises.” Talk about a tease! One thing we do know for sure is many people are having fun with all these hints and teasers, and so is Cedar Point.

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