Midsummer Scream 2017: A Review

Midsummer Scream 2017 is in the books now, and it was one for the books.  Non stop entertainment opportunities were everywhere, from major parks presentations and reveals in the Terrace Theatre, to booths on the show floor featuring VR, ZTag, magicians, mini mazes, and roaming monsters.  Plenty of classes were offered too!  There is just so much to share, so I will just highlight for you some of my special moments over the weekend.

Reveals where shared from most of the major amusement parks in California, including Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Winchester House, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  Highlights of the reveals I attended include:

Knott’s Scary Farm:  New for 2017 your Fright Lane will also be a Fast Pass!  The awesome maze Trick or Treat will be completely redone, and will give guest the opportunity to walk through the maze with a flashlight, (that is not under their control!).  The Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, will once again grace the stage of the Charles Schultz Theatre.  This year will be her final year at the Farm.

Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira.

Hanging out at the Knott’s Scary Farm Booth on the showfloor.

The Queen Mary, located in beautiful Long Beach, California is home to “Dark Harbor”.  Featuring numerous party rooms, to which an Ice Room will be added this year, it sounds like a great party.  The new maze, featuring the “Chef” looks amazing.

The “Chef”

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is bringing back their RIP Tours.  Tickets are available on their website.

Winchester Mystery House:  In conjunction with HorrorBuzz.com, Friday the 13th will be a very special night at the Winchester Mystery House.  Tickets are on sale now on their website.

They are also working with CBS on the upcoming motion picture, “Winchester”.  Helen Mirren will star as Sarah Winchester in the movie, based upon the life story of Sarah Winchester and filmed at the Winchester Mystery House.  Also in the movie will be actor Jason Clark.

Also revealed were all of the details of the hottest new attraction to hit SoCal this year, Into the Black, created by Boneyard Effects mastermind Larry Bones.  This 4 part event will be held at the Pomona Fairplex, and features a motion picture, a walk through maze, (that you go through ALONE!), a VR experience, and a documentary explaining how the event was created.

Tickets are on sale now at IntoTheBlack.Biz

Attendees to Midsummer Scream where afforded the opportunity to experience the first part, the movie, in it’s entirety.  And now, here it is for you.

45 Years of Haunt was the grande finale presentation, hosted by Knott’s Scary Farm.  It was awesome to see so many of the talented people who have made Haunt a reality over the years.  Also honored were the spectacular people who made Midsummer Scream a reality.

The lady in the center of this group, Diana Kirchen Kelly, (in the green sweater), was the original Green Witch at the very first ever Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt.

On the show floor, there was a lot to see too.  Official Sinister Pointe, a very popular maze in the LA area for the past 25 years announced that they will not be doing the maze this year.  However, a special event is planned for October 28th & 29th.  For details, visit http://www.sinisterpointe.com

Visiting with the folks from Official Sinister Pointe.


One booth I visited was for Spectral Illusions, (http://www.spectralillusions.com) who do visual effects and VR.  This Ghost Town Mine Ride was awesome!  The effects were amazingly real…………you got a flash light and a gun to aid your journey on the train ride.  When lumber fell in your path, a sweep of your hand cleared it away!  I would love to see this at Knotts Berry Farm! Check them out on Facebook or Twitter (@spctrlillusions).

This was so cool…………the graphics were sharp and just stunning. When the lumber collapsed in front of you, you could brush it aside with your hand. The fan blowing added to the sensation of movement…………just brilliant!

Check out the video of the VR experience here.

On the showroom floor, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest booth was a crown pleaser.


Midsummer Scream also featured tons of classes and vendors, and a really cool Hall of Shadows.

My friend David attended the Dapper Cadaver class on Sunday afternoon, and said it was very entertaining and educational.

Photo courtesy of David Carpenter.

Photo courtesy of David Carpenter.

An adorable children’s area gave young Haunters an opportunity to share in the fun.  Crafts, magicians, and more were offered.

Kid’s Area on the Midsummer Scream showroom floor.

Isn’t he cute?

There was so much happening, it is just not possible to speak about everyone.  Needless to say, I had a blast, and want to thank the crew of Midsummer Scream 2017 for providing such an awesome event for Haunters to mingle at, enjoy, and learn from.  A special thank you to David Carpenter for joining me on this adventure, and taking such great photos. And, a very special thanks to Winchester House for their very generous gifts:  Two tickets for the new Explore More Tour, and a copy of the first painting they commissioned to honor the house each year, autographed by the artist.

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