The Great Escape Announces Pandemonium for 2018

Photo Credit: The Great Escape

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Great Escape today announced its newest addition for 2018, Pandemonium. This sensational spin on a classic thrill ride will have guests catching maximum air and experiencing 360-degrees of adrenaline-packed excitement. The non-stop twisting and turning of Pandemonium will deliver fun for families of all ages.

“Six Flags is the leader in thrill ride innovations and well-known for introducing amazing rides and attractions in every park, every year,” said Six Flags Great Escape Resort President Eric Gilbert. “Pandemonium is a classic family thrill ride with a unique, modern spin—guaranteed to deliver a heart-pounding experience for riders of all ages while re-energizing the popular Alpine Fest area in the center of our beautiful park.”

Photo Credit: The Great Escape

Pandemonium will seat 24 riders in a “face-out” position and begin to lift, spin and tilt at all angles. It quickly accelerates faster and faster to maximum speed, whirling guests through seemingly endless rotations of spinning insanity. An electrifying light package will dazzle onlookers and complement the twisting, twirling mayhem of the ride itself.

Fast Facts about Pandemonium:

This spinning classic thrill ride seats 24 people in a face-out position;
360 degrees of twirling mayhem in a counter-clockwise rotation;
Maximum speeds and multiple sets of swirling insanity; and
Dazzling lights illuminate the entire area and provide mesmerizing fun for onlookers below.

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