Scarywood at Silverwood Theme Park opens September 29th


NEW Scarywood Haunt – Planet Zombie

North of Coeur d’Alene, ID • Scarywood Haunted Nights – “Fear Lives Here.”  For the 9th season, Silverwood Theme Park transforms into Scarywood Haunted Nights opening Friday, September 29th and continuing throughout the month of October ending on October 28th.

Haunted Attractions

– Planet Zombie- NEW for 2017! The zombie infection is worse than it has ever been. Sgt. Buzz and his crew of Zombie Hunters were forced to abandon the Zombiewood Express when it was overtaken and crashed. Now, they find themselves on foot fighting off waves of zombies. Nobody is safe from becoming infected…not even you! Planet Zombie is the first of its kind immersive experience. Before entering the haunt, you will be prepped by Buzz and his Zombie Hunters. Then you will be thrust into the action where the zombie hunters will protect you while you try to escape without becoming infected. Only the strong will survive.

– Caved In – Step into the realm of the dark. Where the sightless rely on their senses to navigate through the jagged cavern. A faint flicker of light and a spine-tingling breath fills the tunnels as you begin to wonder…”Is this cave alive?” Caved In might just put you 6 feet under. NEW twist, turns and tighter spaces in 2017.

– Blood Bayou – Enter the bayou where the blood flows freely and cannibals lurk behind every corner. This fan favorite is back in 2017 and it will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs. Don’t stay too long in Blood Bayou or you might end up as tonight’s dinner…

– 3Dementia – Who is ready to face your deepest fears in this madhouse? You won’t be safe anywhere once inside 3Dementia. This gigantic 3D walkthrough will feature ALL NEW scares and 3D illusions. Put on your 3D glasses if you dare because each turn will bring you to a whole new level of scare.

– Total Darkness – Welcome to your worst nightmare…your own mind. When the lights go out and the safety of seeing is gone, anything can happen. Back in 2017, Total Darkness has been updated with new twists and turns! Try not to panic as you make your way through this pitch black maze.

Scare Zones
• Clown Town
• The Crypts
• The Dollhouse
• The Scarywood Nest
• Scarecrow Corner
• Quarantine Zone

Event Details

• Fridays & Saturdays: 7pm – 12am; Thursdays: 7p – 11p

• Be aware: Scarywood has more scares than anyone can experience in just one night.  Be sure to plan a second night.

• Scarywood was recently featured on The Travel Channel and voted as one of the top haunts in the nation.

• In addition to some of Silverwood’s most popular summer rides, including Timber Terror roller coaster running backwards, Scarywood boasts five signature bone-chilling attractions as well as more scare zones scattered throughout the park with unforeseen haunts, creatures and ghouls concealed in fog, strategically placed to keep our guests on the edge of panic and fright.

• October prices will vary based on the day you attend. Guests may purchase online and save $4 per ticket at

• For more information and operation schedule go to or call (208) 683-3400.


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