Sliders Unite 2: Hell on The Harbor

Master of Ceremonies. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor closed out the Halloween Season 2017 with the second annual Sliders United performance, Sliders United 2, Hell on The Harbor.  Sliders from Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, Knott’s Scary Farm, The Decade Brigade, and Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights joined together in a spectacular display of daring antics.  Slider “One”, who was the first ever slider even joined in the festivities.

After an entertaining opening ceremony by the “Captain”, we all made our way in and eagerly awaited the first performance of the night.

Waiting to enter Dark Harbor on the final night of the season. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The Captain welcomes us to the Queen Mary for the final night of the season. PHoto by Laurie Clavecilla

The show opened with a beautiful performance by newlyweds Eric Brown and Noemi Fallu.  The tricks and maneuvers they performed with this giant ring were stunning and incredibly graceful.

Eric Brown and Noemi Fallu perform at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Sliders Unite 2: Hell on the Harbor. PHoto by Laurie Clavecilla

Highlights of the show included a beautiful, touching moment when all of the sliders went down on one knee in respect for, and in memory  of their friend “Juggernaut” who they lost earlier this year.  They asked him to watch over them and keep them safe during the performance.  Believe me, the antics that followed needed all the watching over they could get.  Sliders slide on either their knees or their hands, performing jumps, twist and flips.  Incredible strength, especially in the abdominals and quads is necessary to perform these stunts.  These men and women are indeed incredible athletics and artist.

Preparing for the first stunts. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Sliders jumping over multiple bodies……… this photo I believe there are six people! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Here sliders go between the legs of their fellow performers………….in this case 9! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Group photo after the performance. Notice the banner carried in honor of Juggernaut in the center of the group. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

I was amazed, touched, and entertained by the heart and love that obviously goes into these performances.  I can’t wait for next Haunt season to begin so we can see these talented artist again.

I would like to thank the awesome team at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor for the generous hospitality and support to Coaster Chit Chat.  We were delighted to cover Dark Harbor and look forward to “Chill”

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