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It’s that time of year again- the snow is starting and the parks are closing here in New England. But wait – Six Flags New England is open? Yes that right! For the first time ever Six Flags New England introduces “Holiday In The Park” and we were invited out to see all they have to offer this Holiday season. Holiday In The Park features 7 coasters: Batman the Dark Knight, The Joker, Mind Easer, Fireball, Thunderbolt and The Great Chase plus a last minute bonus of Flashback. In addition to 7 roller coasters the park is decked out in millions of Christmas Lights and decorations in 8 different areas.

Enter down Wonderland Way

You enter the park through Wonderland Way, where lights cover the buldings and at night dance to the music of the Holiday Magic Light Show ever 15 minutes. Watch below:

Holiday Magic

If you are there with someone special, step under the Mistletoe at Mistletoe Memory in the Gazebo on Wonderland Way.

Mistletoe at Mistletoe Memories

Mistletoe at Mistletoe Memories

Head down Kringle Lane- where you can meet the big man himself at Santa’s workshop

*Reservation is required, or check out the massive 5 story (50 feet) Kringle Lane Tree.

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

Kringle Lane Tree

Every night at 5 pm the tree is lit. The ceremony starts off with the Jingle Jammers singing Christmas classics, then some of Six Flags New England’s festive friends come out and soon after Santa shows up. Now its time to light the tree. The tree is powered by a wish a every night by a child who  makes a wish on the last ornament.

Watch the ceremony below:

Kringle Lane Tree

Kringle Lane Tree

Tree Toper for the Kringle Lane Tree   

In addition to the Kringle Lane Tree, Kringle Lane is also home to the North Star Tree which is a string light tree with of course the North Star on top.

North Star Tree along with New England Sky Screamer and Flashback

Sugar Plum Place is geared more towards the little ones. Stop by Take Six for a festive meal or check out the lights of Celebration Station.

Celebration Station with the North Star Tree behind it

It’s Christmas time in the west in Jingle Bell Junction where you can warm up at JB Smokehouse BBQ.

Jingle Bell Junction

Jingle Bell Junction

Jingle Bell Junction

Crackaxel Canyon Opera House, home to HoudiniL The Great Escape decked out for the season

Wreath on the side of the Crackaxel Canyon Opera House

The snow is falling in Snowflake Falls! If you don’t like the snow, step inside the massive 3 story (30 feet) ornament.

Snowflakes falling in Snowflake Falls

Snowflakes falling in Snowflake Falls

Up close of the lights that make up the massive 3 storie tall ornament

Up close of the lights that make up the massive 3 story tall ornament

A look inside the massive 3 story ornament

A look at the massive 3 story ornament

A look at the massive 3 story ornament

Snowflake Falls is home to FROST, the park’s acrobatic show that will leave you frozen. I was absolutely blown away by FROST and it is quite possibly the best show I have EVER seen. You just have to see it to believe it. I am not the only one that loved FROST. Beforehand, it had a massive 30 minute line so head there early to check it out!

I’m not the only one who loves FROST

Here are some photos from FROST (please note photography is normally not permitted)

Polar Playland is another area dedicated for the little ones. Here, Mrs.Claus tells the story of her pet reindeer.

Polar Playland

Polar Playland

It isn’t Six Flags without the coasters and Coaster Alley is home to 3 of them.

The Joker

A DJ booth they have set up in Coaster Alley

Grab a S’mores Kit and roast some marshmallows over the fire (select fire pits around the park) or grab a Hot Coco refill cup and enjoy Hot Coco all day though out the park (Most Stands) if need more treats stop by Coaster Candy or Candy Cabin.

S’mores by the fire

Hot Coco refill cup

Some Sweet Treats

Try your hand at some holiday themed games incluing snow ball toss, prize grab and much more. Throughout the park smell the scents of the season with scents by Kringle or take a photo with one of the parks many festive friends, including:
Queen Luminosity Evergreen and Tinsel on Wonderland Way
Chestnut and Cole in Jingle Bell Junction
Holiday Fairy Sprinkle and Gumdrop the Gingerbread Man in Sugar Plum Place
Princess Krystal and Jack Frost in Polar Playland
Plus all your favorite Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo characters decked out for the holidays romming the park

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy in the snow

And of course meet the Big Man himself- Santa in Kringle Lane.(Reservations required)
On your way out dont forget to stop by Candy Cane Crossing were you can ride the New England Express or you can upgrade you ticket to a Season Pass so you can keep on coming back to Holiday in the Park or visit again in 2018 to ride Harley Quinn Spinsanity.

Holiday In The Park at Six Flags New England

We would like to thank Jennifer McGrath and the team over at Six Flags New England for inviting us out for your inaugural season of Holiday In The Park. The park definitely has a great winter tradition on their hands. If you are ever in the New England Area we highly recommend stopping by to check out Holiday In The Park and Six Flags New England. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Ride On.

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