Peanuts Celebration at Knott’s Berry Farm……….Fresh and Innovative Family Fun

The Peanuts Celebration got a great start last weekend.  Fun and games abound, and lots of sweet treats to fuel your day are throughout the park.  A large crowd was at the gate at opening, and the park was busy all day.  I asked Diana Bahena, from Knott’s Berry Farm’s PR team about the inspiration for this new event.  She stated simply “Our entertainment team came together and developed this great event that celebrates all things PEANUTS and from there they developed shows and activities that engage our guests making them feel a part of the celebration.”  Everyone was having a great time, and guest engagement was evident in all of the activities.

Opening Morning at Knott’s Berry Farm for the Peanuts Celebration. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Upon entering the park, it was immediately evident that a great deal of thought and planning went into this brand new event and it’s decorations.  Charlie Brown’s kites where everywhere, as were adorable photo op props.  The Boardwalk area, even though under construction, was decorated with festive balloons.  The construction walls were even decorated, with comic strips from the amazing Charle Schultz.

Charlie Brown lost his kite. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The kites are everywhere……, yellow, green, and blue. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Hang Time is progressing nicely, as are the repairs on the Sky Cabin. Festive balloons add to the scene in the Boardwalk area. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Charlie Brown lost more kites in the Boardwalk area. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla.

Charles Schultz was a brilliant cartoonist. These strips are so perfect for the construction area. Photo by Kristen Black.

Snoopy is BOMB! Photo by Kristen Black.

Photo by Kristen Black.

The culinary staff has clearly had a blast with the new food items developed for the Peanuts Celebration.  I asked  Diana Bahena about the inspiration for the food items.  She explained: “As for the food items, our Knott’s Culinary team ….. was so clever with the dessert items, they took inspiration from the actual event they wanted to create fun and vibrant food items that everyone would enjoy.”  The Culinary team has clearly succeeded, and exceeded that goal.  Check out the amazing foods themed for this event!  I didn’t get a chance to try all of these yummy treats, but my personal favorite so far is the Peanuts Cupcakes.

Peanut Butter Funnel Cake, (model). Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The funnel cake is the same price as the regular ones. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

There are 9 special events scattered throughout the park, as well as the decorations and photo ops. Attendance at all of the events was high, and the crowds loved what they saw.  I was stuck by the detail paid to the scripting, and by the fact that most of the shows had a life lesson of some sort to share.  For instance, Lucy & Charlie Brown’s Balancing Act talks about maintaining a balance in all that you do in life.  The Grand Sierra Railroad in Camp Snoopy has an adorable layover, converting it into the “Beagle Bonanza”  Let me share some of the images I captured with you.

Sally performs in on the Fiesta Plaza Stage. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Lucy performs on the Fiesta Plaza Stage. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Charlie Brown performs in Camp Snoopy………..looking for Balance! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Here’s Lucy ! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


One of my favorites is the Peanuts Sketch School, held in the historic Bird Cage Theatre. We had a group drawing lesson.  Each of us received all of the supplies we needed to do our sketch, and we were given simple to follow, step by step instructions on how to draw our own Charlie Brown.  (I believe other sessions did different characters.)  A professional illustrator led the session, using a projection screen to demonstrate what he was teaching us.  Afterwards, we all showed our drawings.  It was interesting that they all looked like Charlie Brown, yet they all looked different.

Peanuts Sketch School: I jotted down the instructions so you can try it too. Drawing by Laurie Clavecilla


Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

At the Livery Stable, Pig Pen made his big debut at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I was unable to catch Pig Pen while he was there, but I did see the adorable piglets that are visiting Knott’s for this occasion from the Orange County Fair.

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The Calico Mine Stage was home for two awesome shows.  The Music Goes Round and Round features Sally and Schroeder during the day, and the entire Peanuts Gang is featured with “The Jelly of the Month Club” for a high energy rock concert, “Woodstock’s Musical Festival”

The Music Goes Round and Round on the Calico Mine Stage Brightens the Day! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Sally takes center stage, (along with Snoopy of course) in this lively musical event. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Woodstock’s Music Festival features the entire Peanuts Gang and the high energy band “The Jelly of the Month Club” Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Snoopy and the Gang are ROCK STARS! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla


Charlie Brown rocks out! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

There are several other events every weekend, and a few special events.  Sunday, February 4th is Charlie Brown Day.  Come dressed in a Charlie Brown yellow and zigzag shirt, meet at Calico Park, and help the Farm set a world record for the highest number of Charlie Browns in one place.  A group photo will be taken.

The Peanuts Celebration run now until February 25th, every Saturday, Sunday, and on Presidents’ Day.  Be sure to come and join the fun!

On behalf of the entire Coaster Chit Chat team, I would like to thank Knott’s Berry Farm for the awesome job they do in bringing fresh entertainment and activities to their fans and guest.  I big thanks also for the support shown to the blogger’s community.  The hospitality and friendly smiles we are greeted with by the awesome PR team sets the tone for a great day!

Diana Bahena and Miranda Dill greet Media guest with friendly smiles. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

And thank you readers and followers for continuing to support Coaster Chit Chat!  We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



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