Six Flags Magic Mountain Boardwalk Construction Update: 02/21/2018

These sunny winter days are a great time to visit the Thrill Capital of the World………Six Flags Magic Mountain!  We arrived about 11 a.m. and there were absolutely no lines anywhere!

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s entry……….no waiting! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

While most rides were only running one train, it was not a problem, as there were no lines.  It was a great day to meet up with friends and just relax. Most restaurants were open too!  I got a chance to try the new Greek Food in the Food court.  The staff where relaxed, friendly, and seemed to be happy to be there on a sunny winter day.

Chicken Gyros and Baklava from the new Greek Restaurant inside the food court. Photo by Adan Romero

Enjoying lunch with friends at the Food Court. Photo by Adan Romero

It was a great opportunity to ride, and trust me, I did.  But I also took some time to check out what is happening with the new construction.  They are completely remodeling the restroom near the Scramblers, as well as remodeling the Scramblers and the Bumper Cars.  And, of course, there is Crazyanity going it.

The restrooms and Scrambler are getting a complete makeover! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Rehab! Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Workers are doing some kind of welding work inside of the bumper cars. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Bumper Cars being refurbished! photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The new bumper cars! Photo by Six Flags Magic Mountain

I will leave you today with these shots of the future home of Crazyanity.  The land seems prepped, and I hope to see construction begin soon.

The future home of Crazyanity. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The future home of Crazyanity. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The future home of Crazyanity. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

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