California’s Great America Opens for it’s 43rd Season

“Tom Cruise”, Raul Rehnborg, and Snoopy kick off California’s Great America’s 43rd year at the Carousel Columbia. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

California’s Great America opened on Saturday, March 24th in high spirits.  The opening ceremonies, held in Celebration Plaza on the deck of the Carousel Columbia, featured the 25th Anniversary of Flight Deck and major events planned for the season.

This year marks the 25th anniversary for the awesome Flight Deck Roller Coaster, originally themed for the movie “Top Gun”, starring Tom Cruise.  To celebrate this anniversary CGA gave all riders their very own dog tags and had a cool photo ops set up.  This coaster still delivers a great ride!

Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Dog Tags and aviator sunglasses, thank you CGA. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Jeremy, “Tom Cruise” and Nicole preparing for their flight. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

Ride ops were decked out in the original uniforms they wore when Flight Deck opened on March 19th, 1993. A B&M, the coaster was originally called “Top Gun” Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

A small example of the detailed theming featured on Flight Deck. The entire que features extensive theming, that has been well maintained. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

New for 2018 is the Peanut’s Block Party, featuring Lucy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, and the main man, Snoopy.  Held in front of the Great America Theater, this high energy show is reflective of CGA’s unique entertainment style.  It is just adorable, check it out!

Snoopy and Linus celebrating at the Block Party. Photo by Laurie Clavecilla

The opening weekend celebration continues tomorrow, Sunday, March 25th.  CGA will be open 10am to 7pm, and the weather should be nice!  Head on out!

We also were treated to a behind the scenes construction tour of Railblazer.  Watch our page for our exclusive photos and info.

Thanks to Jason and Danny at CGA for the hospitality and to you, the readers for following Coaster Chit Chat on Facebook, Twitter, and our website!

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