Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion Now Open!


Photo Credit: Kings Dominion

On Friday, March 23rd I had the opportunity to attend the media day for Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion.  It was a brisk 33 degrees out when we arrived at 9 am. We were ushered down to the plaza where they had a small stage set up.

Photo Credit: Kings Dominion

We heard from park representatives Maggie Sellers, Tony Johnson, Rob Decker, and Scott Clemons. The video can be found here:

The new pavers in the area are a vast improvement over the old black top as you walk toward the gates of the long closed orchard and past a tree twisted with steel.

The queue is nicely decorated with old trucks, farm equipment and what looks like a meteor crash, but no explanation can be found. The station is rather bland with a big Twisted Timbers logo painted on the back wall. The trains are vary comfortable and I have more leg room than I expected, but I’m a smaller guy.

Making a right turn out of the station you start to ascend the lift hill which is very loud and gives it a kinda rickety feel. The barrel  roll drop is awesome, you hang for a split second and drop being spun out of your seat. You get a great sense of speed going through the overbanked turn and what makes the ride are these tiny hills that cut to the side so you get negative and lateral G’s. The three straight air time hills are all ejector, and the rest of the ride is just wacky, there’s never a dull moment, it’s an amazing ride.

Here’s a POV of Twisted Timbers, but it doesn’t do it justice:

The food was inspired by new items coming to select restaurants around the park, Twisted Sliders from Jukebox Diner, crabcakes for the crabcake sliders at Outer Hanks and a mac bowl station that was delicious.

The ride also has a large selection of merchandise, there are about 10-15 different shirts in different styles to choose from, as well as hats, keychains, magnets, and stuffed apples. This is the shirt I picked up and a commemorative media day ticket.

After the media day came the passholder preview night. Sadly, Twisted Timbers was experiencing some technical difficulties and was only running one train that led to some long wait times. But, as I was walking off the ride everyone I heard said it was worth the wait. Twisted Timbers was the only ride that had any kind of wait, and the coasters that I rode were running well.

This is going to be an exceptional year with an exceptional new ride. I would like to thank Kings Dominion for the invitation and for hosting a great event.

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